Nature, Volume 67

Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1903

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Page xxvii - Determination of the Ratio of the Specific Heats at Constant Pressure and at Constant Volume for Air and Steam.
Page 4 - There was the Door to which I found no Key; There was the Veil through which I might not see: Some little talk awhile of ME and THEE There was — and then no more of THEE and ME.
Page xlix - Aerial Navigation. A Practical Handbook on the Construction of Dirigible Balloons, Aerostats, Aeroplanes and Aeromotors.
Page xxxvi - On an Inversion of Ideas as to the Structure of the Universe
Page 162 - March nineteen hundred and three, or such other day, not being more than eighteen months later, as the Board of Education may appoint, and different days may be appointed for different purposes and for different provisions of this Act, and for different councils. (3) The period during which local authorities may, under the Education Act, 1901, as renewed by the...
Page xiv - RESEARCHES ON THE PAST AND PRESENT HISTORY OF THE EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE. Including the latest Discoveries and their Practical Applications. BY DR. THOMAS LAMB PHIPSON. PART I. — The Earth's Atmosphere in Remote Geological Periods. PART II. — The Atmosphere of our present period. Appendices; Index. " The book should prove of interest to general readers, as well as to meteorologists and other students of science.
Page lxviii - A vote of condolence with the widow and family of the late secretary of the Society, the Rev.
Page 170 - To discover the exceptional man in every department of study whenever and wherever found, inside or outside of schools, and enable him to make the work for which he seems specially designed his life work.
Page 114 - Will rank as the STANDAKD ENGLISH AUTHORITY on OILS and FATS for many fears to come." — Industries and Iron In Two Volumes^ Half Morocco^ each complete in itself* PHYSICO-CHEMICAL TABLES For the Use of Analysts, Physicists, Chemical Manufacturers and Scientific Chemists. Volume I. — Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry.
Page xiv - That the work deserves its title, that it is full of ' AIDS/ and in the highest degree 'PRACTICAL,' will be the verdict of all who use it."— Nature.

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