Missionary Records: Tahiti and Society Islands

Religious Tract Society, 1849 - 334 pages

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Page 225 - ... word unto me. I should have gone to destruction if Jehovah had not interposed. Many have died and are gone to destruction, kings and common people: they died without knowing any thing of the true God; and now when it came to the small remainder of the people Jehovah hath been pleased to make known his word, and we are made acquainted with his good word, made acquainted with the deception of the false gods, with all that is evil and false. The true God Jehovah, it was he that made us acquainted...
Page 216 - Flushed with success, in the moment of victory, the king's warriors were, according to former usage, preparing to pursue the flying enemy. Pomare approached, and exclaimed...
Page 304 - ... that was landed ; which fully proves the honesty of the natives of this island. Since I have lived on shore, myself, officers, and people, have received the kindest treatment from the natives that can be imagined, for which I shall ever be thankful. Myself and officers have lived in the house...
Page 169 - I wish, that you would send me all the curious things that you have in England. Also send me every thing necessary for writing ; paper, ink, and pens in abundance : let no writing utensil be wanting. " Friends, I have done, and have nothing at all more to ask you for. As for your desire to instruct Tahiti, it is what I fully acquiesce in.
Page 11 - ... the outsides are in general nicely browned, and the inner part presents a white or yellowish, cellular, pulpy substance, in appearance, slightly resembling the crumb of a small wheaten loaf. Its colour, size, and structure are, however, the only resemblance it has to bread. It has but little taste, and that is frequently rather sweet; it is somewhat farinaceous, but...
Page 238 - When they beheld the letters black, and large, and well defined, there was one simultaneous expression of wonder and delight. The king took up the sheet, and having looked first at the paper and then at the types with attentive admiration, handed it to one of his chiefs, and expressed a wish to take another. He printed two more ; and while he was so engaged, the first sheet was shown to the crowd without, who, when they saw it, raised one general shout of astonishment and joy.
Page 117 - Experience has taught us the more we are encumbered about worldly things, the less concern we have for the conversion of the heathen; and the more we are detached from secular employments, the more, we trust, our minds will be attached to the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Page 10 - It is attached to the small branches of the tree by a short thick stalk, and hangs either singly or in clusters of two or three together. It contains a somewhat fibrous pulp, which, when ripe, becomes juicy and yellow, but has then a rotten taste.
Page 242 - I then inquired why they did not, as I had directed them, go and lodge at some house, and come again. Their answer surprised and delighted me. They said, " We were afraid that, had we gone away, some one might have come before us this morning, and have taken what books you had to spare, and then we should have been obliged to return without any ; therefore after you left us last night, we determined not to go away till we had procured the books.
Page 241 - I saw these five men lying upon the ground on the outside of my house, their only bed being some platted cocoa-nut leaves, and their only covering the large native cloth they usually wear over their shoulders. I hastened out, and asked them if they had been there all night : they said they had. I then enquired why they did not, as I had directed them, go and lodge at some house, and come again.

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