The Historical Romances of Georg Ebers, Volume 2

Bigelow, Brown, 1881
v. 1. An Egyptian princess. Homo sum -- v. 2. Uarda. The burgomaster's wife -- v. 3. Cleopatra. Joshua -- v. 4. The bride of the Nile. A question -- v. 5. The emperor. The sisters -- v. 6. A thorny path. The elixir -- v. 7. In the fire of the forge. Only a word -- v. 8. Barbara Blomberg. In the Blue Pike -- v. 9. Margery. Serapis -- v. 10. Arachne. The story of my life.

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Page 237 - Lebanon; the leaves and twigs consisted of artfully fastened and colored tissue; elegant festoons of bluish gauze were stretched from pillar to pillar across the hall, and in the centre of the eastern wall they were attached to a large shell-shaped canopy extending over the throne of the king, which was decorated with pieces of green and blue glass, of mother of pearl, of shining plates of mica, and other sparkling objects. The throne itself had the shape of a buckler, guarded by two lions, which...

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