Christians and the New Creation: Genesis Motifs in the New Testament

Westminster John Knox Press, 1 janv. 1994 - 142 pages

In this major thematic work, senior scholar Paul Minear examines the Genesis motifs that are echoed in numerous parts of the New Testament. By doing so, Minear links the story of the old creation with the story of the new creation as he examines the language of beginnings--creation, fall, and curse--found in both testaments. Minear concludes that there is a need to reexamine the legacy of the old creation in order to understand and value the gift of the new creation.

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The Sealing of
Death and Life
The Two Families
Selected Writings by Paul Sevier Minear
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Paul Sevier Minear was Winkley Professor Emeritus of Biblical Theology at Yale Divinity School. Among his numerous books are Images of the Church in the New Testament and The Kingdom and the Power: An Exposition of the New Testament Gospel.

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