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those of the nations of antiquity were only in miniature? It is impossible.

From the subject matter of this work, which is as interesting to the citizens of America as any subject they can discuss, it appears self-evident, that at no period of our existence as a nation, has our freedom, and safety been so much endangered as the present; in no crisis have we had equal cause of alarm, (in a political, as well as in a religious point of view ;) and yet, alas! we seem to behold with a torpid indifference, the government, which is the boast of our own, and the envy of other nations, degraded and debilitated by a set of unprincipled avaricious slave-dealers. Though I do not wish to give offence, I will boldly affirm, that these same slave-holders would wade through seas of the blood of white men, as soon as black men, to gratify their despotic propensities, if they were not restrained; and it is the fear, not the love of either God or man, that restrains them. Those who conceive that I am too pointed in my animadversions, would no doubt be of a different opinion, were they to be one day in the predicament the slaves are, or could they for one moment view their unutterable distress. Are we, or can we be so forgetful of past toils, so insensible to present disgrace, and so careless of future danger, as to suffer importations from Guinea to undermine the foundation of our incomparable federal government, the price of our blood and our treasure, that rewarded the toils and dangers of a sanguinary war, and which is at once the guarantee of our prosperity, and the palladium of our religious and political rights? God forbid. Those who duly appreciate the intrinsic value of our federal constitution, and who justly estimate the power which this constitution possesses, to diffuse the blessings of equal rights, without distinction, amongst the citizens, must look with horror at that unjust inequality in favor of slave-dealers, which, without the possibility of effecting a single benefit, will eventuate in the prostration of the dearest interests of the citizens of the north, and in time be assimilated to aristocracy and despotism.

My concluding admonition to my fellow-citizens, whether democrats or federalists, is, that every distinction of party be done away, except the noble appellation of republican. Let the patriotic citizens behold their smiling infants, and unanimously resolve not to leave them, after their decease, a prey to anarchy and intestine commetion. Finally, let them rally round the constitution, and be found determined, not only to resist any attempts at ruinous innovation, but also to bequeath it unadulterated and uncontaminated, to their children and their children's children, as an INTRINSICALLY SACRED



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