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Or are our heroes doom'd to die with shame,
And this the period of our wars and fame!"
A groan that moment from MONDINGO broke,
Another follow'd, and the hero spoke :

"No more, my dearest brother, and my friend,
We are no more, this day our glories end;
Not decades, but an host of foes they land,
Nay, hosts already march the yellow sand.
A sable army, from the distant plain,

Our neighbors, join them for the thirst of gain."
A sudden horror, far beyond belief,

Wrapt all the council in a cloud of grief.

MONDINGO ceas'd, when with a murm'ring groan,
And long loud sighs, each warrior makes his moan.
So when by rocks the torrents are withstood,
In deep hoarse murmurs rolls th' imprison'd flood,
Beats on the banks, and with a sullen sound,
Works, foams and runs in circling eddies round.
With new born courage brave LOUVERTURE broke
The gen❜ral murmurs, and undaunted spoke :
"Brave chiefs, (he cries), oh, trust the pow'rs above,
Jove is our friend, then let us trust in Jove;
Chieftains be bold, be dauntless, still the same,
Your noble valor we but urge in vain ;
But when Aurora spreads the orient day,
And gilds the mountains with a purple ray,
Let each brave chief his fainting troops inspire,
With new born ardor, with reproaches fire;
So shall our arms with just success be crown'd,
And our proud foes lie panting on the ground :
We'll charge our foes, nor will we charge in vain,
But fight or fall, a firm embodied train,

He whom the fortune of the field shall cast,

Dead on the plain, the next move on in haste;

Our great forefathers held this prudent course,
This rul'd their ardor, this preserv'd their force;
By laws like these immortal conquests made,
And Christian tyrants low in ashes laid.
Remember chieftains, on this signal day
The fates of all our sires, and infants lay :
And we must fight the foe or hence retire,
Till CONGO blazes with their hostile fire."
Thus spoke the prince; loud shout the sable train,

And with one voice return him loud acclaim.




LOUVERTURE'S congugal and parental affection displayed ....Encourages his army to trust in the protection of heaven....The slavers land their men....The battle commences with fury....LOUVERTURE proves victorious, but is slain by stratagem... His death and ascension to heaven described....The lamentations of the army, and his wife and parents for him....The slavers army begin to Conquer....MONDINGO rallies his troops....The conquest changes in his favor....He is also slain by stratagem.... His army all slaughtered to a man....The slavers burn the town....A thunder storm,



THE morning star now with a golden ray
Flam'd in the front of heav'n and promis'd day;
Then new born day shoots forth a glorious light
Gilds the green hills, and gladens mortals' sight:
When lo! LOUVERTURE's spouse, SILVAN by name,
At the first dawn left all her female train;
Close to her breast she held her charming boy,
The mother's comfort, and the father's joy;
Pensive she climb'd a mountain's tow'ry height,
Beheld the ships, and sicken'd at the sight.

Thro' all the plain she strives her prince t' explore,
And mourns the wounds her bleeding country bore.
When she beheld not whom her soul desir'd,
Whose virtue charm'd her, as his valor fir'd,
Along the plain, her trembling steps she bent,
And thro' the sable myrmidons she went,
Where late the mournful council made resort,
And where MONDINGO made his sad report:
She heard the tidings with an aching heart,
And trembled for her soul's far dearer part.
Distracted with surprise she screaming flies,
Fear on her cheeks, tears gushing from her eyes;

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