The Blood Covenant: A Primitive Rite and Its Bearings on Scripture

Impact Christian Books, Incorporated, 1975 - 412 pages
The Blood Covenant is the most solemn, binding agreement possible between two parties. Perhaps one of the least understood, and yet most important and relevant factors in the covenant relationships that God has chosen to employ in His dealings with man, is the blood covenant. This covenant of life and death spans the entire sacrificial system of the Old Testament, and is the basis for the act of Communion in the Church today. "The author seems to prove beyond a doubt that the blood covenant is one of the most ancient and universal institutions. This idea is founded on the representation familiar to Old Testament scholars, that the blood stands for life." In this volume, which has been sold out and unavailable for generations, you will find truths that will bless every pastor, every teacher, every serious Christian desiring a deeper knowledge of God and His covenants with man.

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