What, Why & How ?

Xulon Press, 2007 - 193 pages
What, Why and How? By William Wilson. Reading What, Why, and How?, may help you to: Recognize what is meant by your personality and character; and how your real spiritual identity should relate to God. Become conscious of the necessity of belief, or faith, in God's plan to get you back as part of his family. Study the spiritual reasons behind your suffering and weakness and lack of any real freedom. Learn how only Jesus Christ can set you free. Realize that your suffering is part of God's plan to redeem and sanctify you, which relates to his love, justice, truth, compassion and mercy. Understand that you need to love God to save your soul, empower your spirit, defeat your old spiritual enemy, and receive the priceless gift of an eternal relationship with God. Know why your soul needs to be renewed by the empowering of your spirit by the indwelling Holy Spirit. I have spent many years in various drawing offices where I produced construction drawings that builders understood because I made great efforts to keep them simple and significant. I retired early due to a crisis in my life; and I cried out and prayed to God for help. Due to an increasing desire to know more about God, I started full time study at the Brisbane College of Theology where I was granted a Bachelor of Theology degree in 1994. And, in 1998, a Bachelor of Arts in humanities at Griffith University, majoring in politics, economy and society. I now have a great desire to write about the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is different to communicating about buildings but I still have a great desire to keep it simple and significant, which may help readers to build their bridge of faith over the river of diversity and deceptionwhich blocks their path.

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What is meant by spirit?
What is our conscience?
What is grace?
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