Self, Sign, and Symbol

Mark Neuman, Michael Payne
Bucknell University Press, 1987 - 177 pages
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These essays wrestle with a number of postformalist questions and are ordered so as to present a new argument for the self-sufficiency of the text. Collectively they suggest that recovery of interest in the meaning of texts and the exchange between writer and reader may become the next new criticism.

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Table des matières

Dream Symbolism and Literary Symbolism
Opening the Closure and Vice Versa
Coleridges Scientific and Philosophic Insights
Scrutinizing the Discourse of History
The Wings of the Dove and In a Balcony
Eliot Burglary and Musical Order
The Dynamics of Vision in William Carlos Williams and Charles Sheeler
A Metacommentary on Roland Barthess Empire of Signs
The Visible Object
Droits d'auteur

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Page 26 - The broadening waters flowed through a mob of wooded islands; you lost your way on that river as you would in a desert, and butted all day long against shoals, trying to find the channel...
Page 25 - Going up that river was like travelling back to the earliest beginnings of the world, when vegetation rioted on the earth and the big trees were kings.

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