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The Canadian Lumber Industry, J. S. Robertson, Eng M. Canals: Our Frontier Canals, Lieut. J. A. Harman, US. Catholicism in England, Asserted Growth of, Dean Farrar, FR.

Central America, Three Gringos in, R. H. Davis, Harp.
Chamois-Stalking, W. A. B. Grobman, EI.

Chemistry: Short Chapters in Organic Chemistry-V, A. B.
Aubert, PT.

Childhood, Studies of-XI, James Sully, PS.

Chili: The Home of the Huase, May Crommelin, LH.

The Vegetarian Sect and Recent Massacres, S. F. Woodin,

Alone in China, Julian Ralph, Harp.

Vegetarian Sects in China, C. G. Sparham, SunH.


Chitral to Gilgit, C.

Chitral, Spenser Wilkinson, NatR.

Church in Apostolic Times, T. M. Lindsay, CR.

Citizenship, Decadence of Good, S. H. Ransom, AMC.
Civilization, War as a Factor of. Charles Morris, PS.

Clay, Henry: "The Great Commoner," Henry Coyle, GBag.
Clergy: The New Clergy, H. R Haweis, CR.
Coal Mine Explosions and Coal Mine Fires, K.
Coleridge, Samuel T., Ex Anima Poetæ, NewR.

Conscience, Nature and Origin of the, W. W. Carlile, IJE.
Copyright: Canadian Copyright Bill, Goldwin Smith, CanM.
Cricket: The Evolution of Cricket, A. T. Story, Str, Sept.
Corean War: The Chinese Navy-The Battle of the Yalu,


The Struggle in Cuba, Manuel Garcia, HC.

The Revolt in Cuba: Its Causes and Effects, EngM.
Cuba's Struggle for Freedom, J. F Clark, Cos.

Danish Literature and Its Foremost Representative, D,
Sept. 16.

Dante, The Paradise of, Ellen M. Mitchell, PL, Aug-Sept. Darwinism of Darwin and the Post-Darwin Schools, G. J. Romanes, Mon.

Decoration of Glass and Porcelain, The Photographic, PA, Sept.

Deluge. Prestwich on the, G. F. Wright, BSac.

Domestic Service, Mary C. Hungerford, Lipp.

Don Quixote, Sources of, TB.

Donkeys' Dairy in London, F. Steelcroft, Str, Sept.

Draft Riots, The New York Tribune in the, J. R. Gilmore, McCl.

Dress: The Follies of Fashion, Mrs. Parr, PMM.


The Last Duel in the Place Royale, Mac.

Dueling in German Universities, F F. D. Albery, BA. Education:

Reform in Education, W Mitchell, IJE.

The New Education-II, C. B. Gilbert, Ed.

Education of the Physical Senses, J. S. Black, Ed.
Educational Values, J. H. Baker, EdRA.

A Deaf Child of Six, Mabel E. Adams, EdRA.

The Manitoba School Question, Clifford Sifton, RR.
Higher Pay and a Better Training for Teachers, J. G. Speed.
Egypt: The New Race, Prof. Petrie's Discoveries, SunH.
Endowments, Well-Meant but Futile, Charles F. Thwing, F.
Engravers: American Wood Engravers, William Miller,

Epicure, The Land of the, Calvin D. Wilson, Cos.
Ethics and Economics, F. P. Powers, Lipp.
Evolution and Cosmic Telepathy, Joseph Cook, OD.
Faust: The Faust Legend, Men.


The Place of the Novel, G. Mortimer, J. Leatham, FreeR
The Gift of Story-Telling, Brander Matthews, Harp
Files: A Few Facts about Files, Stephen Nicholson, CasM.

Present Aspect of the Silver Question, C. S. Fairchild, F.
The Financial Predicament, H. B Russell, AMC.
An Automatic vs. a Fiat Currency, E. L. Rector, AMC.
English Industry and Eastern Competition. R. S. Gundry,

Gold Mining Madness in the City, S. F. Van Oss, NC.
Fire Engines, Turkish, J. A. Grey. Cas M.

Fishing: English Trout, H. Maxwell, Black.
Flaubert, Gustave, D. F. Hannigan, WR.
Fogies: Are we Old Fogies? J. U. Ayres, Cos.

"Fraternal France," C. C. P. Fitzgerald, NatR.
Marseilles, Walter H. Pollock, Long

The Presqu'île de Crozen, E. H. Barker, TB.

Personal History of the Second Empire-X, A. Vandam, NAR.

Life in the Tuileries under the Second Empire, CM.
Fuller, Margaret, Permanent Influence of, Kenyon West, PL,

Garrick's Farewell to the Stage, Austin Dobson, Long.

In Germany, Duchess of Sutherland, NC.

Among the Wendish Meres, Beatrice Marshall, SunM.

German Struggle for Liberty-XIII, Poultney Bigelow, Harp.

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Individualism, or, to Every One His Way, T. Hedge, LuthQ.
Inquisition, The: The First Castillian Inquisitor, Henry C.
Lea, AHR.

Insane, Politics and the, Henry S. Williams, NAR.

The Prospects of Home Rule, WR.

Ireland by a Disenchanted Nationalist, FR.

Faction Fighting in Munster, J. F. MacNamara, WR.
Irrepressibles, Mrs. Lynn Linton, CJ.

Irrigation, Underflow as Related to, H. V. Hinckley, Eng M.
Gilgit to Chitral, C.

Glave's Career, Robert H. Russell, CM.

Gordon, Adoniram Judson, A. T. Pierson, HomR.

Gounod, Charles, Memoirs of, Mus.

Grant at Pilot Knob, Gen J. M. Thayer, McCl.

Grant and Lincoln in Bronze, Cleveland Moffett, McCl.

Greek Language, Pronunciation of, J. Gennadius, NC.

Guerre, Martin-The False Martin Guerre, A. H. Millar, PMM.

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The Japanese Constitutional Crisis and the War, CR.
Rambles in Japan, H. B. Tristram, LH.

Language and Literature in Japan, D. Sept. 16.

The Genius of Japanese Civilization, Lafcadio Hearn, AM
The Japanese Imbroglio, US.

Jews: The Jews in Persia-I, S. G. Wilson, Mis R.
Joan of Arc, Personal Recollections of-VII, Harp.
Jonah, Theodore F. Wright, NCR.

Journalism and Journalists, Religious, G. P. Morris, RR.
Judgment and Atonement, The Day of, Men.

Kaffir Race, Religion of the, Josiah Tyler, MisH; Ed.
Keats, John, The Real, John Gilmer Speed, McCl.
Keats in Hampstead, Henry van Dyke, CM.

Broader Trade Unionism, SEcon.
Labor Legislation, SEcon.

The Labor War, H. Thomas, WR.

Labrador. In Rugged, R. G. Taber, O.

Landscape, Some Thoughts on, N. W. Williams, WR.

Law, The Vocation of the Common, Frederick Pollock, HGM
Libraries: The Carnegie Libraries, W. B. Shaw, RR.
Lincoln and Grant in Bronze, Cleveland Moffett, McCl.

Danish Literature and Its Foremost Representative, D,
Sept. 16.

Language and Literature in Japan, E. W. Clement, D, Sept. 16.

The Italian Novel of the Year, Aline Gorren, D. Oct. 1. On Literature Construction-II, Vernon Lee, Bkman. How to Make a Living by Literature, W. D. Adam, Bkman. Living, The Art of, Robert Grant, Scrib.

Lookout Mountain, Bradford Torrey, AM.

Lourdes; A Medical View of the Miracles, Dr. Berdoe, NC.
Loyalists in the American Revolution, Moses C. Taylor, AHR.
Lumbering: The Canadian Lumber Industry, J. S. Robert-
son, Eng M.

Luther, Martin, Hymns of, Edward Dickinson, BSac.
Madison, James, at Princeton, John L. McLeish, BA.
Magna Charta of King John-I, J. J. Delany, R.
Mahommedanism: Islam and Its Critics, FR.

Maori, The, Louis Becke and J. D. Fitzgerald, RR.

Mass, Doctrine of the, at the Council of Trent, C. Walker,


Matabeleland under the British South African Company, RR.
Memory, The Picture Galleries of the, F. A. Malleson, LH.
Mentation, Arrested, G. Ferrero, Mon.

Microbe as a Social Leveler, The, Cyrus Edson, NAR.
Miles, General, McCl.

[blocks in formation]

The Naval Manoeuvres, W. L. Clowes, FR.
The Fleet in Being, David Hannay, NewR.

Naval Power. The Future, in Relation to American, Capt.
Mahan. Harp.

New England in New York, E. P. Powell, NEM.

New Guinea, Inside, J. P. Bocock, Lipp.

New York City: Municipal Reform Movement, E. Porritt, NatR.

Nordau's "Degeneration:" Its Value and Its Errors, C. Lombroso, CM.

Norfolk Broads, A Cruise on the, Anna B. Dodd, CM.

Norse Literature and Irish Literature, W. Larminie, CR.
Orthodoxy, The New. Paul Carus, Mon.

Owen, Sir Richard, LH.

Paradise of Dante, The, Ellen M. Mitchell, PL.
Parliament, The British:

The Liberal Leadership. James Annand, NewR.
Wanted, a New Liberal Programme, T. Scanlon, WR.
Patriotic Societies, American, Marcus Benjamin, MM.
Philosophers, Men of Science and, Herbert Spencer, CR.
Photography: See contents of AP, PA, PB, PT, WPM.
Plants: The Life of Water Plants, M. Büsgen, PS.
Poacher and His Craft, R. Kearton, CFM.

Poetry Pastoral Poetry, C. W. Bride, Scots, Sept.
Political Science: The British Constitution vs. Evolution,

Porcelain, Photographic Decoration of, PA, Sept.

Positivism: The Religion of Humanity, W. H. Mallock, NC.
Posters, American Past and Present, H. C. Bunner, Scrib.
Potocka, The Countess, Susan Coolidge, AM.

Pottery of the American Indians-VI, W. J. Hoffman, HC.
Proportional Representation, W. D. Foulke, AMC.
Protection by Bounty, A. R. Smith, SEcon.
Punishment, The Failure of, GBag.


Mountain Railroads in Mining Regions, J. R. Maxwell, Eng M.

Railroading Over an Earthquake, Cy Warman, McCl.
Rates: The Incidence of Rates, H. L. Davies, WR.
Reaction and Its Lessons, Frederic Harrison, FR.
Reconstruction Era, Political Leaders of the, E. G. Ross, F.
Red Cross in the Far East, The, A. B. de Guerville, MM.
Referendum and Initiative, The, A. L. Lowell, IJE.
Regeneration, The Stages of, L. P. Mercer, NCR.
Resurrection Body of Christ, Nature of the, S. Hutchings,

Ridgefield, The Connecticut Lenox, H. E. Miller, NEM.
Road-Making, Romance of, Henry Frith, CFM.

Roads French Roads, Theodore Stanton, Lipp.

Rome, The King of, Elizabeth S Perkins, Lipp.

Ronzano, Monsignor Bernard O'Reilly, Harp.

Rosary, Our Lady's, Thomas Esser, R.

Ruskin as a Master of Prose, Frederic Harrison, NC.

Sadi, Persian Poet, Herbert Parsons, GM.

Saloon Closing in New York on Sunday, Theodore Roosevelt, McCl.

Sampson, Deborah, a Revolutionary Heroine, Kate G. Wells,

Science, Men of, and Philosophers, Herbert Spencer, CR.
Scotland: The Drove-Road in Scotland, Mac.

Sea-Life: In the Realm of the Wonderful, C. B. Hudson, C.
Servants: Tyrannies of Private Life. Mrs E. Lynn Linton,

Sewage Purification, Future Methods of, W. L. Hedenberg, Eng M.

Sewerage of Edinburgh and Leith, R. J. McBride, San. Shakespeare's Audacious Law, Van Buren Denslow, SEcon. Sherbrooke, Viscount, and His Friends, A. P. Martin, PMM. Shorthand: See contents of Sten. SJ.

Silk English Silks, Kineton Parkes, NatR.


A Search for Socialism, S. B. Booth, FreeR,

Is Socialism Advancing in England? W. G. Blaikie, NAR. Sociology: Christian Sociology-I: Man, Shailer Mathews, AJS.

Static and Dynamic Sociology, Albion W. Small, AJS.
Sociology and Cosmology, Lester F. Ward, AJS, Sept.
Steam and Electricity-A Study in Sociology, A. A. John-
son, AMC.

Somerset House: The Literary Research Room, CJ.
Songs: Migration of Popular Songs, H. T. Peck, Bkman.
Speech, Expressiveness of, A. R. Wallace, FR.

State-Making, Western, in the Revolutionary Era, F. J.
Turner, AHR.

Steeplejacks, Wilfred Wemley, EI.

Stephen, James Fitzjames, Julia Wedgwood, CR.
Stevenson's Home Life at Vai ima, Lloyd Osborne, Scrib.
Story-Telling, The Gift of, Brander Matthews, Harp.
Strauss: The Waltz King, Rudolph Aronson, MM.

Subways: The Boston Subway and Others, F. Foxcroft, NEM.
Sultan's Palace, Mysteries of a. G. R. Watson, HC.
Superstition, Recent Recrudescence of-1, E. P. Evans, PS.
Swedenborg, Conventry Patmore's Recognition of, F. Sewall,

Switzerland: Graduated Taxation in the Canton de Vaud,

Tasso, Torquato, The Last Days of, Marie Walsh, FrL.
Tattooing, Tighe Hopkins, LH.


The Single Tax, George Barnard, AMC.

Taxation in Chicago and Philadelphia, J. R. Commons, JPEcon, Sept.

Telegraph: Future of the Electric Telegraph, P. B. Delany, EngM.

Telepathy: Evolution and Cosmic Telepathy, Joseph Cook, ÓD.

Temperance and the Liquor Traffic:

King Alcohol and Liberalism, FreeR.

Intemperance Past and Present, Arthur Shadwell, NatR. Closing the New York Saloons on Sunday, T. Roosevelt, McCI.

Tenement Houses and Dwellings in Glasgow, A. B. Morse, San. Theatres: The Actor, the Manager and the Public, John Malone, F.

Theology, Modern German, C. Jensen, LuthQ.

Toynbee Hall, T. C. Collins, LH.

Trafalgar Captains, W. L. Clowes, NC.

Tramps: How Men become Tramps, Josiah Flynt. CM.
Translation, Ethics of, Mac.

Twain, Mark, as a Critic, D. F. Hannigan, FreeR.

United States. Last Quarter Century in the-VII, E. B. Andrews, Scrib.


A Great University for London, Lord Playfair, NC.
The Religion of the Undergraduate, A. C. Deane, NC.
The American University, Emil G. Hirsch, AJS, Sept.
State Universities, Richard T. Ely, Cos.

The University of Chicago, Robert Herrick, Scrib.
Value, Evolution of the Idea of, W. G. L. Taylor, JPEcon,

Victoria's (Queen) Highland Home, J. R. Hunter, Harp.
War as a Factor of Civilization, Charles Morris, PS.
Weather and Weather Wisdom, Ellen Olney Kirk, AM.
West, Future of the Arid, E. G. Ross, NAR.

Wives, A Study in, Max O'Rell and others, NAR.
Wolseley, Gen.: The New Commander-in-Chief, G. T. Deni-
son, CanM.

Mutual Relations of Men and Women, A. Clerk, NewR.
Marriage Rate of College Women, Millicent W. Shinn, CM.
English Women in Political Campaigns, Lady Jeune, NAR.
The Social and Civil Status of Woman, W. M. Cox, PQ.
Women as Athletes, W de Wagstaffe, FrL.
Burmese Women, H. Fielding, FrL.

Woolwich Arsenal, J. Munro, ČFM.

Wordsworth and Carlyle, TB.

Wordsworth's Country on Two Shillings a Day, A. F. Sanborn. AM.

Yachting: The Growing Interest in Yachting, W. P. Stephens, Eng M.

Zoophily, Ethics of, Frances P. Cobbe, CR.

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The Luther League of America..


The Outlook for Ireland under Tory Rule.
Slum Boys on a Farm School....



How to Counteract the "Yellow Back".






Denver's Wonder-Worker....

A Hundred Years of Commerce.

Some Educational Notes...
The Late Eugene Field
Death of Signor Bonghi.

With portraits of Hon. Thomas B. Reed, Hon. Robert R.
Hitt, Hon. John W. Griggs, Hon Lloyd Lowndes, Col.
William O. Bradley, Mrs. Alexander Bremer, Miss
Cleora Cooke, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Kiamil Pasha,
M. Bourgeois, the King of Portugal, Sir Walter Wil-
kin, E. F. Eilert, Leander Trautman, Francis Schlat-
ter, President G. W. Smith, Eugene Field, and map
of the proposed Russo-Chinese railway, and New York
saloon and church maps, and views of the new Town
Hall at Morley, England, and Bishop Nicolas of Alaska
celebrating high mass.

Record of Current Events....


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Born in Boston October 21, 1808; died in Boston November 16, 1895, aged 87.

(Dr. Smith's hymn "America" was composed in 1832. The above fac-simile is from a copy written by Dr. Smith in the present year.)



The New Congress.



The Fifty-fourth Congress will assemble at Washington for its first session on December 2. In the House, the Republicans will have a very large majority by reason of the swing of the pendulum in 1894 which reversed the party preponderance in the popular branch of Congress. In the Senate chamber, however, the little group of Populists will hold the balance of power between the almost evenly matched numbers of Democrats and Republicans. Some weeks must elapse before Utah can send two senators to reinforce the Republican side. With the Utah senators included, the regular Republicans will have exactly half of the Senate seats, namely forty-five. That does not count as Republicans Messrs. Stewart and Jones, of Nevada, who have associated themselves with the Populists on the silver question, but whose general antecedents have been Republican. Senator Marion Butler, of North Carolina, although a Populist, was elected by a fusion of Republican and Populist votes, and would seem likely to act with the Republican senators as against the Democratic on questions relating to organization. The admission of Utah increases the number of states to forty-five and the membership of the Senate to ninety. When all the seats are occupied, therefore, it would appear that the Republicans will have forty-five, the Democrats thirty-nine, and the Populists six, counting Messrs. Peffer, Kyle, Allen, Stewart, Jones, and Butler as the third party group.

Mr. Reed as Speaker.

Inasmuch as the election of the Hon. Thomas B. Reed, of Maine, to the Speakership of the House has been conceded by the press and the politicians without a single word of dissent in any quarter, we may take it for granted that Mr. Reed will be promptly installed in the Speaker's chair and will be wielding the gavel almost as soon as this number of the REVIEW reaches its readers. Every one knows that Mr. Reed is an exceedingly able and efficient presiding officer; and he will return to the chair with a prestige enhanced by the fact that the very policy which once caused his opponents to denounce him as a czar, has since been endorsed by them and employed under the régime of Speaker Crisp. It has always seemed to us that Mr. Reed was entirely right in the principle he undertook to apply when he insisted upon counting as pres

No. 6.

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