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The Moral Influence of Music.-II. Carl le Vinsen. The Ideal of Universities. Adolf Brodbeck. Individuality vs. Eccentricity. W. J. Colville.

Missionary Herald.-Boston.


The Vegetarian Sect and Recent Massacres in China. S. F. Woodin.

Religion of the Kaffir Race. Josiah Tyler.

Missionary Review of the World.-New York. October. The Romance of the Hova Bible. A. T. Pierson. Christian Missions in Arabia. F. T. Haig. The Jews in Persia.-I. S. G. Wilson. Missionary Effort and the Nestorian Church. W. A. Shedd. Diversity of Operations in the Mission Field. D. L. Leonard.

The Monist.-Chicago. (Quarterly.) October.

The Darwinism of Darwin and of the Post-Darwin Schools. G. J. Romanes.

Science and Faith. Paul Topinard.

Criminal Anthropology Applied to Pedagogy. Cesare Lom


Arrested Mentation. G. Ferrero.

Naturalism. C. Lloyd Morgan.

The New Orthodoxy. Paul Carus.

The Fifth Gospel. Woods Hutchinson.

Music.-Chicago. October.

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Ruskin as a Master of Prose. Frederic Harrison.

The Trafalgar Captains. W. Laird Clowes.

Dhofar, Arabia; the Land of Frankincense and Myrrh. J.
Theodore Bent.

A Medical View of the Miracles at Lourdes. Dr. Berdoe.
The New Spirit in History. W. S. Lilly.

Frederick Locker-Lampson. Coulson Kernahan.

In Germany; a Sketch. Duchess of Sutherland.

The Closing of the Indian Mints. Lord Brassey.

The Religion of Humanity: a Reply to Mr. Frederic Harrison. W. H. Mallock.

The Religion of the Undergraduate. Rev. Anthony C. Deane. The Proper Pronunciation of Greek. J. Gannadius.

A Great University for London. Lord Playfair.

The Need for an Antarctic Expedition. Clements R. Markham.

North American Review.-New York. October.

The Atlanta Exposition. W. Y. Atkinson.

Politics and the Insane. Henry S. Williams.

Birds in Flight and the Flying Machine. Hiram S. Maxim. Some Problems of the Age. F. W. Farrar.

The Microbe as a Social Leveler. Cyrus Edson.

A Study in Wives. Max O'Rell, Grant Allen, Karl Blind, H. H. Boyesen.

Future of the Arid West. Edmund G. Ross.

English Women in Political Campaigns. Lady Jeune.
Environment and Drink. J. F. Waldo, David Walsh.

The Saloon and the Sabbath. F. C. Iglehart.

Personal History of the Second Empire.-X. Albert D. Vandam.

Hunting Large Game. Gen. Nelson A. Miles.

Is Socialism Advancing in England? W. G. Blaikie.

Our Day.-Springfield, Ohio. October.

Chicago Commons and Its Summer School. Max West.
George W. Childs-A Character Sketch.

Evolution and Cosmic Telepathy. Joseph Cook.

Some Thoughts on American Universities. A. M. Fairbairn. Outing.-New York. October.

In Rugged Labrador. R. G. Taber.

Banana Land Awheel. Eugene M. Aaron.

Moose Hunting in New Brunswick. Edmund P. Rogers.
Lenz's World Tour Awheel: Agra to Delhi.

Finnish Fish and Fishermen. Fred. Whishaw.

Guns and Shooting. Ed. W. Sandys.

The New Hampshire National Guard. George H. Moses.

Overland Monthly.-San Francisco. October.

Mount Lowe and Santa Monica.

Rounsevelle Wildman.

Charles Warren Stoddard. Joaquin Miller.
Sons of the American Revolution, California Society.
Schools in Hawaii. W. R. Castle.

The Irrigation Problem in California. W. S. Green.
Powder-Making on the Pacific Coast.

Inanimate Target Shooting. M. C. Allen.
Smokeless Powder for Shotguns.

Pall Mall Magazine.-London. October.

The Follies of Fashion. Continued. Mrs. Parr.

The Friends of Robert Lowe, Viscount Sherbrooke. A. P. Martin.

The False Martin Guerre. A. H. Millar.

Photo-American.-New York. September.

The Photographic Decoration of Glass and Porcelain.
The Examination of Photographic Lenses.
Moving Objects and Pictorial Photography.
Copies of Photographs.

A Telescopic Focusing Finder.

To Make Direct Positives in the Camera.

The Photographic Times.-New York. October. Pinholes. How to Make and Use Them. F. C. Lambert. Belgium Through a Hand-Camera. Walter D. Welford. Short Chapters in Organic Chemistry.-V. A. B. Aubert. Selection of the Side of the Face in Portraiture. R. W. Har rison.

Alfred Clements and His Work.

The Advantages of Hand Cameras. Chapman Jones.

Popular Science Monthly.-New York. October. From the Divine Oracles to the Higher Criticism. A. D. White.

Man of Science and Philosopher. Herbert Spencer.
Trout Culture. Fred. Mather.

Recent Recrudescence of Superstition.-I. E. P. Evans.
Thomas Henry Huxley. Michael Foster.

Pleasures of the Telescope.-VII. Garrett P. Serviss.
The Life of Water Plants. M. Büsgen.
Studies of Childhood.-XI. James Sully.
Hunting with Birds of Prey. Edouard Blanc.

War as a Factor in Civilization. Charles Morris

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Limit of the Church's Power to Make Declarations. F. P. Mullally.

The Social and Civil Status of Women. William M. Cox.

Presbyterian and Reformed Review.-Philadelphia. (Quarterly). October.

The Antistes of Zurich. James I. Good.

The Situation Presupposed in Genesis. E. C. Bissell.

James McCosh, Francis L. Patton

The Spirit of God in the Old Testament. Benjamin B. Warfield.


'Philosophers" and "Higher Critics." Howard Osgood.

The Synoptic Problem. Samuel C. Hodge.

Review of Reviews.-New York. October.

Religious Journalism and Journalists. G. P. Morris.
The Carnegie Libraries. William B. Shaw.

Matabeleland under the British South African Company. F.

The Maori. Louis Becke and J. D. Fitzgerald.

The Civil Service Problem in Australasia. Percy R. Meggy. The Manitoba School Question. Clifford Sifton.

The Rosary.-New York. October.

Magna Charta of King John.-I. John J Delany.
The Isle of St. Vincent.-II. Bertrand Cothonay.
Our Lady's Rosary. Thomas Esser.

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Sunday at Home -London. October.

The New Race in Egypt; Professor Flinders Petrie's Discoveries.

St. Paul's Escape from Damascus. Rev. Hugh Macmillan. Vegetarian Sects in China. Charles Geo. Sparham. Sunday in East London: Victoria Park.

Sunday Magazine.-London. October.

Dr. John Smith; Interview. With Portrait. A. W. Stewart. John Bunyan and the “Pilgrim's Progress." Kate M. War


Mary Riggs. Rev. A. R. Buckland.

St. Luke's Home, Osnaburgh street; a Home of Peace for the Dying. Mrs. James Stuart.

Dr. Lyman Beecher; the Father of the Beechers. Continued. H. A. Glass.

In the Punjaub. J H. Wick.

Among the Wendish Meres, Germany. Beatrice Marshall.

Temple Bar.-London. October.

The Presqu'île de Crozon; The Gibraltar of France. E. Harrison Barker.

The Sources of Don Quixote. C. B. Luffman and L. M. Lane. Advertisements in Old Books. Esmé Stuart.

Caught Napping. Pauline W. Roose.

Wordsworth and Carlyle.-A Literary Parallel.

New Serial Story: "The Madonna of a Day," by L. Dongall.
The Treasury.-New York. October.

The McAll Mission in France. F. Noble.
Beginnings of the Church. Charles H. Small.
Impressions of Hawaii. Gideon F. Draper.
Human Limitation of Divine Grace. T. W. Hunt.

The United Service.-Philadelphia. October.
The "Regiment of Mounted Riflemen." W. B. Lane.
The Japanese Imbroglio.
Our Frontier Canals
Starving Laborers and the "Hired Soldier." T. G. Steward.

Lieut. John A. Harman.

[blocks in formation]

Can Russia Invade India?
The Reform of the Militia.
Sir Evelyn Wood's "Crimea."

A Quick-Firing Gun for Horse Artillery. H. B. Strange.
General Duchesne in Madagascar. Capt. Pasfield Oliver.
The New Indian Transport Service. Colonel C. L. Harvey.
Blind Warfare at Sea.

H. S. Clarke.

The Foreign Policy of England and the Navy. H. W. Wilson.
Westminster Review.-London. October.

Wanted a New Liberal Programme. T. Scanlon.
Stray Notes on Lady Hamilton. M. Todhunter.
The Incidence of Rates. H. Llewellyn Davies.
Gustave Flaubert. D. F. Hannigan.

The British Constitution vs. Evolution.

Graduated Taxation in the Canton de Vaud, Switzerland.
W. B. Duffield.

Some Thoughts on Landscape. N. Wynn Williams.
Faction-Fighting in Munster. J. F. Macnamara.

A Crop of Bronto Myths. A. M. Mackay.

The Labor War. Harold Thomas.

The Dawn of the Trinity. C. Waterer.

The Prospects of Home Rule.

Wilson's Photographic Magazine.-New York. October.

P. A. of A. Convention at Detroit.

Photo-Engraving and Wood-Engraving.
Composition. H. W. Hales.

The Pictorial in Portraiture.-II.

Practical Photo-Engraving -VIII. A. C. Austin.

Papers for Professional Photographers.-X. John A. Ten



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Foreign Plays on the German Stage. R. von Gottschall.
Liszt and His Paladin. E Reuss.

The Death-bed of the Century. Continued. Prof. L. Büchner.
Lord Rosebery.

Leopold von Ranke and Varnhagen von Ense. T. Wiede


Time-Spirit and Public Opinion. M. Brasch.

Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. September. Reminiscences of the Franco-German War. Continued. J. von Verdy du Vernois.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Canal. Vice-Adm. Batsch.
Gustav Herschfeld. E. Curtius.

Who is Musical? Continued. Thedor Billroth.

Karl Friedrich Reinhard. W. Lang.

Confessions of a Protestant Country Clergyman.

Arthur Chuquet and the War of 1870-1. L. Bamberger.
Eduard Hanslick. Carl Krebs.

Turkish Stories. Continued. R. Lindau.

Die Gartenlaube.-Leipzig. Heft 10.

The Chinese Workman at Home. Ernst von Hesse-Wartegg. Spontaneous Combustion. E. Falkenhorst.

Women Linguists. R. Kleinpaul.

The Salmon of the Black Forest. J. J. Hoffmann.

Die Gesellschaft.-Leipzig. September.

Richard Muther. With Portrait

Dr. J. Schikowski. Poems by Arthur Pfungst, and others. Maurice Barrès. Dr. S. S. Epstein.

Dr. Oscar Panizza on “Illusionism." J. Steinmayer.

Konservative Monatsschrift.-Leipzig. September. The Prussian National Hymn. Concluded. G. Shröder. Letters from Java.

The Pullman Strike. H. Wilhelmi.
Reminiscences. Heinrich von Struve.

Neue Revue.-Vienna.

September 4.

Moral Instruction. M. Citoyen.

The Jubilee of 1870. Continued. K. Bleibtreu. The Colonial Slave Trade. J. K. Ingram.

September 11.

Over-Population. S. Richard.

The Jubilee of 1870. Continued. K. Bleibtreu.

September 18.

Over-Population. Continu d. S. Richard.
Students' Clubs and the Social Question. J. Lippau.

Competition in Small Country Industries. P. Ernst. The Factory Acts and Women Factory-Inspectors in America and England.

Lead Workers. H. Vogel.

No. 51.

The Trade Union Congress at Cardiff. E. Bernstein.
No. 52.

The Agrarian Question. K. Kautsky.

Nord und Süd.-Breslau. September.

Ola Hanssan. With Portrait. H. Schmidkunz.
The Religious World-Drama in Germany. F. Vogt.
Liquid Air. O. Prinz.

Preussische Jahrbücher.-Berlin. September.

Hamlet. Dr. H. Conrad.

St. Francis of Assisi. Dr. H. Thode.

The Early German Province and State. Dr. Hans Delbrück.

On Convict Colonies. Dr. F. Freund.

The Berlin Theatre Season. Dr. P. Schlenther.

Sphinx.-Brunswick. September.

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Chemical Action of the Moon Compared with that of Heat. The Education of the Cambodians. A. Leclère.

Revue Socialiste.-Paris. September.

Socialistic Letter to Members of the Teaching Profession. Georges Renard.

The Evolution of Political Creeds and Doctrines in Egypt. Concluded. G. de Greef.

The Chicago Strike of 1894. Pierre Boz.

Civiltà Cattolica.-Rome.
September 7.

An Alliance between Catholicism and Democracy.

The Hittite-Pelasgians in the Islands of the Egean Sea.
The History of the German College in Rome.

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Cycling. Dr Calatraveno.

Should a Country Agree to the Extradition of Its Own Subjects?

Revista Brazileira.-Rio de Janeiro.
No. 15.

A Statist of the Empire; J. Th. Nabuco de Araujo.
Brazilian Swimming Birds. Dr. Emilio A. Goeldi,
No. 16.

The Bakahiri Indians. Capristrano de Abreu.
The Island of Trinidad. Dr. H. von Ihering.
De Gids.-Amsterdam. September.

The Conservative Idea of Electoral Law. Prof. Cort van der

Thirty Years of Dutch History (1863-1893). W. H. de Beaufort. The Cause of the Seven Years' War.

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[It has been found necessary to restrict this Index to periodicals published in the English language. All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.] Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the October numbers of periodicals.

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Bible and Biblical Criticism:

Sociological Value of the Old Testament, O. H. Gates, BSac.

Prestwich on the Deluge, G. F. Wright, BSac.

Archæology vs. Old Testament Criticism, A. H. Sayce, CR. The Dawn of the Trinity, C. Waterer, WR.

St. Paul's Escape from Damascus. Hugh Macmillan, SunH. The Fifth Gospel, Woods Hutchinson, Mon.

Ancient Myths in the Hebrew Scriptures, William H.
Ward, HomR.

The Book of Daniel, Willard H. Hinkley, NCR.
The Structure of the Word, Philip B. Cabell, NCR.
The Bible and Its Expositors. L. A. Fox, LuthQ.
The New Testament Idea of Propitiation, A. G. Voigt.
Dr. Briggs' Higher Criticism of the Hextateuch, PQ.
The Romance of the Hova Bible, A. T. Pierson, MisR.
The Situation Presupposed in Genesis E. C. Bissell, PRR.
The Spirit of God in the Old Testament, B. B. Warfield,


Banana Land Awheel, Eugene M. Aaron, O. Lenz's World Tour Awheel: Agra to Delhi, O. Birds:

Domesticated Birds, N. S. Shaler, Scrib.

Birds in Flight and the Flying Machine, Hiram S. Maxim, NAR.

Accidents to Birds, C.

Blue Laws, Resuscitation of the, Louis Windmüller, F.
Books and Culture-VIII, Hamilton W. Mabie, Bkman.
Books of the Coming Season, D, Sept. 16.

Bronte Family: A Crop of Bronte Myths, A. M. Mackay, WR.
Browning, Robert, as a Musician, Mus.

Brunetière, Ferdinand, Mlle. Y. Blaze de Bury, FR.
Calvinism and Constitutional Liberties, Abraham Kuyper,


The Manitoba School Question, Clifford Sifton, RR. Canadian Northwest: Our Western Heritage, G. H. Ham, CanM.

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