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Atlantic Monthly.-Boston. October.

The Genius of Japanese Civilization. Lafcadio Hearn.

The Countess Potocka. Susan Coolidge.

An Architect's Vacation.-III. Robert S. Peabody.
Weather and Weather Wisdom. Ellen Olney Kirk.

The Wordsworth Country on Two Shillings a Day. A. F.

Lookout Mountain. Bradford Torrey.

Century Magazine.-New York.


William M. Sloane.

A Cruise on the Norfolk Broads. Anna Bowman Dodd.
Fun on the Stump Edward J. McDermott.
Life of Napoleon Bonaparte.-XII
Glave's Career. Robert H. Russell.
Keats in Hampstead. Henry van Dyke.

Life in the Tuileries Under the Second Empire. A. L. Bicknell.

Nordau's "Degeneration:" Its Value and Its Errors. C. Lombroso.

How Men Become Tramps. Josiah Flynt.

The Marriage Rate of College Women. Millicent W. Shinn.

Cosmopolitan Magazine.-Irvington, N. Y. October.
Concerning Painters in Little. Nancy H. Banks.
Cuba's Struggle for Freedom. J. F. Clark.

The Greatness of Man. Richard Le Gallienne.

A Fortress of the Centuries. Mary T. Carpenter.

State Universities. Richard T. Ely.

The Land of the Epicure. Calvin D. Wilson.

Are we Old Fogies? James C. Ayres.

Engineering Magazine. New York. October.
The Growing Interest in Yachting. W. P. Stephens.
Its Causes and Effects.
The Revolt in Cuba:


A Native

The Canadian Lumber Industry. J. S. Robertson.
Architectural Students' Work Abroad. G. R. Phené Spiers.
Future of the Electric Telegraph. P. B. Delany.
Mountain Railroads in Mining Regions. Jas. R. Maxwell.
Future Methods of Sewage Purification. W. L. Hedenberg.
Underflow as Related to Irrigation. H. V. Hinckley.

Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly.-New York. October.

Deepdene. M. E. L. Addis.

Monte Oliveto. E. C. Eansittart.

Women as Athletes. W. de Wagstaffe.

Burmese Women. H. Fielding.

The Town and Cloth Halls of Flanders. Alexander Ansted.
Alpine Soldiers.

The Last Days of Torquato Tasso. Marie Walsh.
Light Givers. Mary Titcomb.

Godey's Magazine.-New York. October
The Cotton States Exposition. John S. Cohen.
King Cotton and his Subjects. Lee J. Vance.
Daniel Chester French, Sculptor.

Healing without Medicine. John R. Musick.
Great Singers of this Century. Albert L. Parkes,
Music in America.-VI. Rupert Hughes.

Harper's Magazine.-New York. October.
Hindoo and Moslem. Edwin Lord Weeks.

At the Sign of tha Balsam Bough. Henry Van Dyke.
Alone in China. Julian Ralph.

Queen Victoria's Highland Home. J. R. Hunter.
The Gift of Story-Telling. Brander Matthews.
Ronzano. Monsignor Bernard O'Reilly.

Three Gringos in Central America.-II. R. H. Davis.

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc.-VII. Sieur L. de Conte.

The Future in Relation to American Naval Power. Capt. A. T. Mahan.

The German Struggle for Liberty.-XIII. Poultney Bigelow

Lippincott's Magazine.-Philadelphia. October.
Fred P. Powers.

Ethics and Economics.

French Roads. Theodore Stanton.

The King of Rome.

Inside New Guinea.

Elizabeth S. Perkins.
John P. Bocock.

Domestic Service. Mary C. Hungerford.

The Highways of the World. Marion M. Pope.

McClure's Magazine.-New York. October.

The London Times. James Creelman.

"Human Documents." General Miles.

Railroading over an Earthquake. Cy Warman.
Grant and Lincoln in Bronze. Cleveland Moffett.

Grant at Pilot Knob. Gen. John M Thayer.

The New York Tribune in the Draft Riots. J. R. Gilmore.

The Real John Keats. John Gilmer Speed.

Closing of the New York Saloons on Sunday. Theodore Roosevelt.

Munsey's Magazine.-New York. October.
The Waltz King. Rudolph Aronson.

The Great Balkan Intrigue. Henry W. Fischer.
The Red Cross in he Far East. A B. de Guerville.
American Patriotic Societies. Marcus Benjamin.

New England Magazine.-Boston. October. Boston Light and the Brewsters. R. G. F. Candage. New England in New York. E. P. Powell.

Deborah Sampson, a Heroine of the American Revolution. Kate G. Wells.

Henry Oscar Houghton, Publisher.

The Boston Subway and Others. Frank Foxcroft.
Ridgefield, the Connecticut Lenox. Harry E. Miller.

Scribner's Magazine.-New York. October.

The University of Chicago. Robert Herrick.
American Posters, Past and Present. H. C. Bunner.
Mr. Stevenson's Home Life at Vailima. Lloyd Osborne.
The Art of Living: The Case of Woman. Robert Grant.
History of the Last Quarter Century in the United States-
VII. E. Benjamin Andrews.

Domesticated Birds. N. S. Shaler.

Mr. Huxley. George W Smalley.
American Wood Engravers. William Miller.


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The Adopted Home of the Hun. W. F. Gibbons.
Is Prosperity in Sight?

American Monthly.-Washington. September. The Revolutionary Period and Relics. Ellen R. Jewett. The American Flag. Annie W. L. Kerfoot.

The Arena.-Boston. September.

A Battle for Sound Morality.-II. Helen H. Gardener.
Marvels of Electricity. J. R. Buchanan.
After Sixty Years. B. O. Flower.
How Evolution Evolves. Stinson Jarvis.
Omnipresent Divinity. Henry Wood.
The People's Lamps. Frank Parsons.
Professor George D. Herron.

Napoleon Bonaparte.-III. John Davis.

The Labor Exchange. F. W. Cotton.

Progressive Changes in Universalist Thought. M. D. Shutter.

Art Amateur.-New York. September.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Sidney T. Whiteford.
Artists' Models.

Drawing for Reproduction. Ernest Knaufft.
Flowers and Plants in the Home. Lucy Comyns.
Talks on Embroidery.-XIV. L. B. Wilson.

Art Interchange.-New York. September.
Venetian Stone and Marble Balconies. W. S. Hadaway.
Notes of Travel in Spain.-VIII.

Some Women Artists. Polly King.

Furniture Drawing and Designing.-II. James Thomson.

Atalanta.-London. September.

The Romance of London. Continued. Edwin Oliver.
Some Royal Christenings. Helen E. Batwell.

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Books and Culture.-VII. Hamilton W. Mabie.

Canadian Magazine.-Toronto. September.

Liverpool To-day. Robert Machray,

Sir John Thompson. O. A. Howland.

Some of the Fruits of Education. David Owen Lewis.
Vocal Interpretation of Literature. Thomas O'Hagan.
Ducks and Duck-Shooting. Stuart Jenkins.
The Financial Incidents of War.

A. C. Galt.

Our Cash Reserves. James B. Peat.

Cassell's Family Magazine.-London. September. The Press; the Fourth Estate in London. A. F. Robbins. Place Nicknames.

In the Powder Mills; People Who Face Death. A. E. Bonser. On the Canadian Lakes and Canals. Margaret P. Murray. Animals as Beggars. Dr. A. H. Japp.

Cassier's Magazine.-New York. September. American Lake Steamers for Ocean Traffic. J. R. Oldham. Gas and Oil Engines.

The Recording Gauge for Steam Pressure. Charles A. Hague.

Steam Engines of To-day. George L. Clark.

The Redheffer Perpetual Motion Machine. Coleman Sellers.

Catholic World.-New York. September.

The Law of Moses and the Higher Criticism. A. F. Hewit. Monasticism in Scotland. Edward Austin.

An Introduction to the Study of Society, George McDer


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Dramatic Art in the Far East.

The Carrying Trade of the World.

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M.P.; The Tribulations and Advantages of Legislators.

Contemporary Review.-London. September.

Macedonia and the Macedonians.

War Office Administrative Reform. Veteran.

Jingoism in America. W. T. Stead.

The Church's Opportunity. Canon Barnett.

A Visit to Broken Hill, Australia. Moreton Frewen.

A Scheme of Electoral Reform. W. Laird Clowes.

Crispi's Administration. Vincenzo Riccio.

Biographer, Historian and Man of Letters. Herbert Spencer. On Literary Construction. Vernon Lee.

Heredity Once More. August Weismann.

Cornhill Magazine.-London. September.

Patents and Monopolies.

About Amber.

Our Stone Crusaders.

Demorest's Family Magazine.-New York. September. Battle Field and Burial Ground.

The Chattanooga National Park and Cemetery. J. C. Heaton
The Races for the America's up J H. Welch.

A Summer Week in New York. Elsie Fairweather.
Shall International Athletic Contests be Encouraged?

The Dial-Chicago. September 1.

A Few Words About Education.

Education.-Boston. September.

Moral Education. Lewis V. Price.

Evolution of the Indian School System. H D. Sheldon.
The Written Language of China. J. C Moffet.

The New Education.-I. C. B. Gilbert.

Educational Review.-New York. September.

What Knowledge is of Most Worth? Nicholas Murray Butler.

Evolution and Education. Joseph Le Conte.

Education According to Nature. William H. Payne.

Laws of Mental Congruence in Education. B. A. Hinsdale. The Rural School Problem. Henry Sabin.

English Illustrated Magazine.-London. September. Moorland Idylls.-Continued. Grant Allen.

The Crown Prince of Siam in His English Home, North Lodge, Ascot.

Newfoundland; the Sentinel of the St. Lawrence.


P. A.

How the Dressmaker's Apprentice Lives. Elizabeth L. Banks. With the Essex Farm Folk. Arthur T. Pask.

Fortnightly Review.-London. September.

The Independent Labor Party; a Party with a Future. J. Louis Garvin.

Coleridge and His Critics. Nowell C. Smith.

Lord Salisbury's Triumph. H. D. Traill

The Queen's Prime Ministers. Spencer Walpole.
Stambouloff's Fall.

Edward Dicey.

The Climax of Agricultural Disaster. William E. Bear.
Tudor Translations. Prof. Raleigh.

Denominat onal Science. Prof. St George Mivart.

India and the Vice-Royalty. E. Kay Robinson.

The Awakening of China. M. Rees Davies.

Thomas Huxley and Karl Vogt. Prof. Ernst Haeckel. "Common Sense" and the Elmira Reformatory. Havelock Ellis.

The Forum.-New York. September.

The Enforcement of Law. Theodore Roosevelt.
Municipal Progress and Living Wage. D. McG. Means.
Professor Huxley. Richard H. Hutton.

Criminal Anthropology: Its Origin and Application. C. Lombroso.

Shall Cuba be Free? Clarence King.

George Eliot's Place in Literature. Frederic Harrison.
The Benefits of Hard Times. Edward Atkinson.

The Anecdotic Side of English Parliamentary Dissolutions.
M. J. Griffin.

Unsanitary Schools and Public Indifference. D. H. Stewart. Methods and Difficulties of Child Study. Annie H. Barus. The Civil Service as a Career. H. T. Newcomb.

Free Review.-London. September.

The Sectarian's Last Ditch. R. B. Wallis.
Bradlaugh's Services to Liberalism. John M. Robertson.
Nature Lessons from George Meredith
The Natural History of the Christian Religion. Continued.
Henry S. Salt.
Marriage and Free Love. Mrs. H. D. Web.
Sir Henry J. S. Maine as a Sociologist. John M. Robertson..

Gentleman's Magazine.-London. September.

Durham and the Bishops Palatine. W. Connor Sydney.
A Summer Ride in Euboea. Neil Wynn Williams.

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An Expedition to Borgu, on the Niger. Capt. F. D. Lugard. Notes on Western Madagascar and the Antinosi Country. J. T. Last.

The U. S. Geological Survey. M. Baker.

Temperatures of European Rivers. H. N. Dickson.
A New Estimation of the Mean Depth of the Oceans.
The Sixth International Geographical Congress.

The Green Bag.-Boston. September.

London Police Courts. William Holloway.
Imprisonment for Debt. Benjamin F. Washer.
The English Law Courts.-IV. The Chancery Division.
Home and Country.-New York. September.
The Favorites of the King. J. Florence Wilson.
The Last Fight of a Gallant Ship. J. W. Kesler.
Chinese Beggars. Henry Liddell.

The New York Grape District. L. J. Vance.

Homiletic Review.-New York. September. The Preacher and Preaching for the Present Crisis. What a Preacher may Learn from the Writings of Holmes. The Conflict of Religion and Science. N. S. Shaler. Welsh Preaching. Benjamin D. Thomas.

Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies.Philadelphia. July.

Timber Preserving Methods and Appliances. W. G. Curtis. Cost of Steam and Water Power in Montana. M. S. Parker. Wooden Bridge Construction on the Boston and Maine. J. P. Snow.

Journal of the Military Service Institution.-New York.

The Army and the Civil Power. Lieut. William Wallace.
Efficient Handling of Sea Coast Artillery. Capt. H. J. Reilly.
Fortifications and Field Operations. Lieut.-Col. H. C. Egbert.
Our Present Artillery Armament. Lieut. W. E. Birkhimer.
The Bicycle as a Military Machine Lieut. R. G. Hill.
Martial Law in Ceylon. Lieut. H. C. Carbaugh.
Recruiting and Training of the Company. Lieut. C. Miller.

Juridical Review.-London. (Quarterly.) July.
The Three Schools of Jurisprudence. E. J. G. Mackay.
Divorces in English Law. G. H. Knott.

The Conception of Treason in Roman Law. A. H. J. Greenidge.

Roman Law in the Early Middle Ages. J. Taylor-Cameron.
Matrimonial Domicile. G. Wardlaw Burnet.
History of English Law. T. C. Williams.

Preferential Payments in Bankruptcy. W. K. Morton.

Knowledge.-London. September.

The International Geographical Congress in London.
The Newly-Found Race in Egypt.

Wind-Fertilized Flowers. Rev. A. S. Wilson.
Satellite Evolution. Miss A. M. Clerke.

Blind Cave-Animals. R. Lydekker.

Leisure Hour.-London. September.

The Art and Mystery of Tattooing. Tighe Hopkins.
Some High Mountain Observatories. Edward Whymper.
Rambles in Japan. Continued. Canon Tristram.
Santiago, Chilli; the City of St. James. May Crommelin.
Early Christian Buildings in Ireland. Continued.
The Bermondsey and Browning Hall Settlements.

Lend a Hand.-Boston. September.

Chautauqua. Edward E. Hale.

The Tramp Problem. J. J. McCook.
Philanthropy as a Social Factor. John Visher.

Longman's Magazine.-London. September.

Fables. Continued. R. L. Stevenson.
The New Centurion. J Eastwick.
Sunshine and Life. Mrs. Percy Frankland.
Macmillan's Magazine.-London. September.

The Nicaragua and Panama Canals.
From & War Balloon.

John Zizka.

The Future of Liberalism.

Menorah Monthly.-New York. September. James Darmstetter's Ideals. George A. Kohut. American Jewish History. G. A. Kohut.

Blessing and Malediction According to Hebrew Sources. A.
Denominational Unity. Simon Wolf.

Methodist Review.-New York. (Bi-monthly.) September-

The Speculative Significance of Freedom. B. P. Bowne.
Hans Sachs, the Poet of the Reformation. N. W. Clark.
The General Conference as a Working Body. J. D. Walsh.
Salvability of Heretics. C. C_Starbuck.

John Woolman and Stephen Girard. G. M. Hammell.
Social and Ethical Significance of Individual Wealth.

Methodist Episcopacy in Transition. J. M. Thoburn.
The Song of Songs. W. W. Martin.

Midland Monthly.-Des Moines, Iowa. September.

Grant and Galena. Leigh Leslie.

The Island of Mackinac. Eben E. Rexford.
Reminiscences of John Brown. Narcissa Macy Smith.

G. M.

Missionary Review of the World.-New York. September.

A New Programme of Missions. A. T. Pierson.

Japan's Debt to Christianity. J. I. Seder.

The Open Door of Korea. Č. C. Vinton.

The Basis and Results of Medical Missions. R. H. Graves.

Month.-London. September.

Zoolatry. Rev. George Tyrrel.

The Persecution of the Uniats in Russian Poland. Lady Her bert of Lea.

The Woodcock's Haunts. "A Son of the Marshes."
Recollections of Scotch Episcopalianism. Continued.
St. Garrard of Gallinaro.

Roslin in Its Catholic Days.

Early English Catholic Hymnody. Continued. Orby Shipley.
Music.-Chicago. September.

Recollections of Antoine Rubinstein. C. Saint-Saens.
Is Applause Necessary? George Gladden.
Personal Recollections of Rubinstein. Julius Rodenberg.
Private Teacher vs. Conservatory.

National Review.-London. September.

Conference on Proportional Representation at Saratoga.
A View of Roman Catholicism. Bernard Holland.
The Philistine's Coming Triumph. Mrs. Lynn Linton.
The New Council of Defence. H. O. Arnold-Forster.
My Residence at Bhopal, India. Col. H. Ward.
French Journalism A Resident in Paris.

The Election of 1895:

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A Tropical Colony. Frederick Boyle.

Non pas Orléanisme, mais Royalisme. In French.
American Traits. Martin Morris.

Engineering in the Navy. R. C. Oldknow.
The Free Library Failure. W. Roberts.
Stambuloff. Henry Cust.

The New World.-Boston. (Quarterly). September.
Lotze's Influence on Theology. George T. Ladd.
Co-operative Competition. Edward Atkinson.
The Higher Criticism and the Supernatural
Sanction for Morality in Nature and Evolution. J. T. Bixby.
The Fourth Gospel as Correcting the Third. Edwin A.

A. W. Benn.

Transitional Ideas in Thought. A. C. Armstrong, Jr. Freedom of Theological Teaching. J. H. Ecob. Constructive Power of the Doctrine of Evolution.

E. P.


France and Roman Catholicism. G. Bonet-Maury.
The Larger Issues of Mr. Kidd's Position. L. P. Jacks.
The Historical David. Benjamin W. Bacon.

Nineteenth Century.-London. September. Islâm and Its Critics

Ameer Ali.

Permanent Dominion in Asia. Sir Alfred Lyall.

The Romantic and Contemporary Plays of Thomas Heywood. Americans and the Pan-Britannic Movement. J. Astley


Tropical Africa; New British Market. Capt. Lugard.
Africanists in Council. A Silva White.

Lion Hunting beyond the Haud. H. C. Lowther.
The Kutho-Daw. Prof. Max Müller.

A Foreign Affairs Committee. Sidney Low.
The Present Condition of Russia. Prince Krapotkin.


North American Review.-New York.
Why Women do not Want the Ballot. W. C. Doane.
The Evolution of the Blue Jacket. P. H. Colomb.
Reminiscences of Prof. Huxley. W. H. Flower.
The Christian Endeavor Movement. F. E. Clarke.
Trend of National Progress. R. H. Thurston.
Crop Conditions and Prospects. Henry Farquhar.
Petty Tyrants of America. Max O'Rell.
The African Problem. Edward W. Blyden.
Our Reviving Business. James H. Eckels.

A Brush with the Bannocks. Nelson A. Miles.

Personal History of the Second Empire-IX. A. D. Vandam. The Cuban Situation. Segundo Alvarez.

The Outlook for Ireland. The Earl of Crewe.

Our Day.-Springfield, Ohio. September.

General Booth and the Salvation Army. Joseph Cook.
The Mayflower Compact and the Jeffersonian Heresy.
Outing.-New York. September.

Cycling on the Palisades of the Hudson. Ernest Ingersoll.
True Canoeing. R. B. Burchard.

Lenz's World Tour Awheel-Cawnpore to Agra.

The Cup Champions and their Crews. R. B. Burchard.

[blocks in formation]

Of Coot and Heron. Illustrated.
Bolton Abbey, etc.: In the Duke of Devonshire's Country. A.
T. Story.

The Campaign of Trafalgar. Continued. Judge O'Connor

Gretna Green. Bessie MacMorland.

Philosophical Review.-Boston. (Bi-monthly). September.
Self-Consciousness, Social Consciousness and Nature. I. J.

The Absolute and the Time Process.-II. John Watson.
The "Feelings." Herbert Nichols.

Photo-Beacon.-Chicago. September.

The Detroit Convention.

Moving Objects and Pictorial Photography. J. M. Appleton.
The Gain in Modern Lenses W. K. Burton.
Genre Work and Its Future. George B. Sperry.

Political Science Quarterly.-Boston. September.
The Gold Standard in Recent Theory. J. B. Clark.
Ideal of the American Commonwealth. J. W. Burgess.
Pennsylvania's First Constitution. Paul L. Ford.
The Tennis Court Oath. J. H. Robinson.
The Study of Statistics. R. Mayo-Smith.
Labor and Politics in England. James Mavor.

The Photographic Times.-New York. September.
Half-Tone Engraving by the Enamel Process. A. Whittet.
The Chemistry of Photography. Max Holzberg.
Short Chapters in Organic Chemistry.-IV. A. B. Aubert.
Clouds. Frances Bate.

Popular Science Monthly.-New York. September.
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science.-XX.

Andrew D.

Biographer. Historian and Litterateur. Herbert Spencer.
Apparatus for Extinguishing Fires. John G. Morse.
Variation in the Habits of Animals. G. C. Davenport.
Dr Daniel Hack Tuke.

Trades and Faces. Louis Robinson.

Natural Rain Makers. Alexander McAdie.

Studies of Childhood.-X. James Sully.

The Study of Birds Out of Doors. F. M. Chapman.
Ancestor Worship Among the Fijians. B. H. Thomson.
Fruit as a Food and Medicine. Harry Benjafield.
Only a Match. C. Falkenhorst.

Review of Reviews.-New York. September.
Results of the British General Elections, 1895.
The Poster in Politics.

Nikola Tesla and the Electrical Outlook.

Industrial Niagara. Arthur V. Abbott.

Wind as a Motive Power in the United States. Frank Waldo. Value of Weather Forecasts to Agriculture and Inland Com


Mark W. Harrington.

From the Great Lakes to the Sea. E. V. Smalley.
Careless Construction and Willful Destruction of Buildings.
Archbishop Croke. W. T. Stead.

Sewage Disposal in Small Towns. Anthony Howells.
Berlin Tenement Houses. Charles DeKay.
Gas-Fitting and Fatal Gas Accidents.

School Review.-Hamilton, N. Y. September.

The Teacher's Outfit in Rhetoric. J. F. Genung.
The N. E. A. at Denver. C. H Thurber.

Address of the Philological Association on the Study of Greek.

Social Economist.-New York. September.

Evolution of Modern Capitalism.

Are Export Bounties Economic ?

Is our Republic a Failure? Harry P. Judson.

Trusts and Wages. F. H. Cooke.

Protection to Shipping. W. W. Bates.

National Struggle for Existence.

Strand Magazine.-London. August 15.

Gleams from the Dark Continent. Continued. C. J. Mans


W. G. Grace; Interview.

The Sea Serpent. A. T. Story.

Strange Devices. J. Scott.

The Ladies of Queen Victoria's Court.
The Gladstone Family. A. H. Broadwell.

Students' Journal.-New York. September.
New York State Stenographers' Association.
Have we a Life Immortal? Cardinal Gibbons.
Fac-simile of A. J. Graham's Reporting Notes.
The Long Gains of Shorthand. Amos R. Wells.

Sunday at Home -London. September.
Henry Francis Lyte; the Author of "Abide with Me."
Sunday in Ratcliff Highway.

Growth of th Bible in Japan. Dr. W. Wright.
Sunday in the North Sea. G. A. Hutchison.

Sunday Magazine.-London. September.

Dr. Lyman Beecher; the Father of the Beechers. H. A. Glass.
French Vineyards. Miss M. Betham Edwards.
Rev. S. Baring-Gould at Home. Rev. J. M. Gatrill.
Charlotte Tucker. Rev. A. R. Buckland.
Dr. Thorold, the late Bishop of Winchester.
C. E. Thorold.

Rev. Algernon

[blocks in formation]


The Kingdom Within. D. N. Beach.
China in Transition. R. H. Graves.

Twentieth Century.-London. August.

The Real Lord Randolph Churchill. T. H. S. Escott.
Carlyle as a Politician. S. O'Grady.

The Religious Situation in France. S. Henry.

Mr. Gladstone's Translation of Horace's Odes, and His Critics. T. H. L. Leary.

"Heimat " Sunermann's Drama. H. Schütz Wilson.

Oronsay: West Highlands, Scotland. A. Ingilby.

The Republic of Letters. F. Wicks.

Medical Advertisements: On Certain Bogus Insurances. W. Defries.

Sonya Kovalevsky. Florence Balgarnie.

Armenia. E. A. Brayley Hodgetts.

The Principle of the Circuit System for the Trial of PrisonersJ. Trustram.

Religion and Science at the Close of the Century. G. M. McCrie.

Literature. H. D. Traill.

The Political Prospect. T. E. Kebbel.

The United Service.-Philadelphia.


The Army of the Khedive and the Military Situation in Egypt.

Moral Tactics. W. E. Montague.

The Demonetization of Silver.
The Navy Fifty Years Ago.

United Service Magazine.-London. September.

Wanted-a Naval Reformer.

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San Marino; the Smallest Republic in the World. W. Miller. The Ethical Solution of Our Social Problem. Charles Ford. Democratic Ideals. J. W Kennedy.

Henry George and Herbert Spencer on the Land Question. J. Armsden

Sir John Gorst; the New Minister of Education, and His Work. J. J. Davies.

Wilson's Photographic Magazine.- New York. September.
Photography vs. the Press. B. J. Falk.

Papers for Professional Photographers. John A. Tennant.
On the Latent Image. R. Ed Liesegang.
Practical Points for Studio Workers.
Practical Photo-Engraving.-VII. A. C. Austin.

[blocks in formation]

African Exploration during the Last Century. D. F. Cramer.
Chemistry-Old and New. A. Weber.
August Reichensperger. H. Kerner.

Deutsche Revue.-Stuttgart. August.

The Salisbury Cabinet and the Far East. M. von Brandt. Prince Bismarck and the Parliamentarians. Continued. The Hohenzollerns. E. Berner.

Leopold von Rank and Varnhagen von Ense. T. Wiedemann. Morphia. Dr. O. Emmerich.

Friedrich August von Kaulbach, Artist. Louise von Kobell. Prince Tscherkasski and the Inner History of the RussoTurkish War.

Kossuth. Concluded. Karl Blind.

The Population of Ancient Egypt and the Race Question.
Napoleon. Paul Holzhausen.

Abt Vogler. A. von Winterfeld.

Deutsche Rundschau.-Berlin. August.

Turkish Stories. R. Lindau.

Personal Reminiscences of the Franco-German War.
Wilhelm Roscher. A von Miaskowski.

The Murder of a French Ambassador at the Rastatt Congress.
Fourteen Years of Excavations in Egypt. G. Steindorff.
Gustav zu Putlitz, Poet.

Die Gartenlaube.-Leipzig. Heft 8.

[blocks in formation]

The Pullman Strike. H. Wilhelmi.
Reminiscences. H. von Struve.

Neue Revue.-Vienna.

New Chemical Elements.

The Way to a Free Press.

[blocks in formation]

Estheticism and Social Science.

The Jubilee of Wörth, 1870. K. Bleibtreu.

August 14.

Friedrich Engels. Vivus.

August 21.

Darwinism and Moral Progress. G. Ferrero. The Jubilee of Gravelotte. K. Bleibtreu.

Neue Zeit.-Stuttgart.

No. 44.

The Most Ideal History. Jean Jaures and Paul Lafargue.
Our Newest Programme. K. Kautsky.

The Working Man and the Elections in England. E. Bernstein.

[blocks in formation]

Materialism and the Historical Sciences. Prof. F. Aly.
Religion and Church. Prof. E. Troeltsch.

Prosperity in German Cities in the Middle Ages. Dr. W.


Rural Sheriff's Courts. K. Schneider.

Dante and Poetic Art Forms. Prof. A. Philippi.

The German Emperors of Early Times. Prof. E. Bernheim. Michelangelo's Allegorical Figures in the Medici Chapel.


Stagnation in German Home and Foreign Policy.

Ueber Land und Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 1.

Yellowstone National Park.

The Opening of the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal. P. Lindenberg. The Venezuela Railway.

Croda da Lago. E. Terschak.

Saabrück and Spichern. G. Köhl.

Vom Fels zum Meer.-Stuttgart. Heft 24. From Berlin to Potsdam

The Palatinate. Palatinus.

Bormio. R. Eifert.

H. Herold.

Heft 25.


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