Life and work at the Great pyramid during ... 1865, Volume 2

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Page 458 - And he made a molten sea, ten cubits from the one brim to the other : it was round all about, and his height was five cubits : and a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about.
Page 377 - When the prayers were finished at the marae, and the banquet ended, a usage prevailed much resembling the popish custom of mass for souls in purgatory. Each individual returned to his home, or to his family marae, there to offer special prayers for the spirits of departed relatives...
Page 397 - In this month the god comes from Bulu, ' " the world of spirits, to make the bread-fruit and ' " other fruit-trees blossom and yield fruit. He ' " seems to be a god of peace, and cannot endure ' " any noise or disturbance, and his feelings in this ' " respect are most scrupulously regarded by the ' " natives. They, therefore, live very quietly dur...
Page 375 - they do, according to their manner, worship the hosts of heaven, and believe particular constellations rule natural causes. For such they have names, and sing and dance to gain the favour of the Pleiades (MormodellicK), the constellation worshipped by one body as the giver of rain; but if it should be deferred, instead of blessings curses are apt to be bestowed upon it.
Page 365 - This startling fact at once drew my attention to the question : How was this uniformity in the time of observance preserved, not only in far distant quarters of the globe, but also through that vast lapse of time since the...
Page 454 - ... the lid (otherwise called the mercy-seat). Their wings, which were spread out over the top of the ark, formed the throne of God — the King of Israel — while the ark itself was His foot-stool (Exodus xxv., 10-22 ; xxxvii., 1-9).
Page 437 - Seventy-two divine ages are one manwantara. * * * The aggregate of four ages they call a divine age, and believe that in every thousand such ages, or in every day of Brahma, fourteen Menus are successively invested with the sovereignty of the earth. Each Menu they suppose transmits his authority to his sons and grandsons during a period of seventy-two divine ages, and such a period they call a manwantara. Thirty such days (of the Creator), or...
Page 331 - A dissertation upon the sacred Cubit of the Jews, and the Cubits of the several nations, in which, from the dimensions of the greatest Egyptian Pyramid, as taken by Mr. Greaves, the ancient cubit of Memphis is determined.
Page 352 - I mould choofe iq pitch upon the length of the chamber in the middle of the Pyramid, where the king's monument ftood, being very large, and built with admirable skill ; which length was the twentieth part of the length of the whole Pyramid, and contained 20 Cubits, and which was very carefully meafured by Mr. Greaves, as he informs us himfelf.
Page 390 - Isis, according to some, signifies ancient, and, on that account, the inscriptions on the statues of the goddess were often in these words : I am all that has been, that shall be, and none among mortals has hitherto taken off my veil.

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