Dwight's American Magazine, Volume 3

Theodore Dwight

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Page 384 - He did not think all mischief fair, Although he had a knack of joking; He did not make himself a bear, Although he had a taste for smoking; And when religious sects ran mad, He held, in spite of all his learning, That if a man's belief is bad, It will not be improved by burning.
Page 652 - ... enchanted stem, Laden with flower and fruit, whereof they gave To each, but whoso did receive of them, And taste, to him the gushing of the wave Far far away did seem to mourn and rave On alien shores; and if his fellow spake, His voice was thin, as voices from the grave; And deep-asleep he seem'd, yet all awake. And music in his ears his beating heart did make.
Page 86 - ... in two flames, the one on one side, and the other on the other side of the axial line.
Page 89 - The fig-tree, not that kind for fruit renown'd, But such as, at this day, to Indians known; In Malabar or Decan spreads her arms, Branching so broad and long, that in the ground The bended twigs take root, and daughters grow About the mother tree, a pillar'd shade, High overarch'd, and echoing walks between...
Page 378 - It transports him into a livelier, and gayer, and more diversified and interesting scene, and while he enjoys himself there he may forget the evils of the present moment. Nay, it...
Page 144 - Nothing in my hand I bring, Simply to Thy cross I cling; ' Naked, come to Thee for dress, Helpless, look to Thee for grace; Foul, I to the fountain fly; Wash me, Saviour, or I die.
Page 640 - But the beating of my own heart Was all the sound I heard. i Bat beneath the elm-tree ; I watched the long, long shade, And as it grew still longer, I did not feel afraid ; For I...
Page 21 - ... inequalities of the surface over which it passed. During the flow, night was converted into day on all eastern Hawaii. The light rose and spread like the morning upon the mountains, and its glare was seen on the opposite side of the island. It was also distinctly visible for more than one hundred miles at sea; and at the distance of forty miles fine print could be read at midnight...
Page 618 - Superior heard, run through the sweetest length Of notes ; when listening Philomela deigns To let them joy, and purposes, in thought Elate, to make her night excel their day. The...
Page 242 - Now within the gate rejoice, Safe and seal'd and bought and blest! Safe - from all the lures of vice, Seal'd - by signs the chosen know, Bought - by love and life the price, Blest - the mighty debt to owe. "Holy Pilgrim! what for thee In a world like this remain? From thy guarded breast shall flee Fear and shame, and doubt and pain. Fear - the hope of Heaven shall fly, Shame - from glory's view retire, Doubt - in certain rapture die, Pain - in endless bliss expire.

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