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It proceeds on the assumption that the Bible is divine-an assumption which the author does not accept without the conviction of its demonstrability from a variety of sources. Looking at the Bible as divine, the author is concerned to know and exhibit the Bible doctrine of providence only, believing that outside the Bible channel, we can gather no reliable notions of providence whatever, but lose ourselves in the mist of speculation and uncertainty. Inside the Bible channel, we get definite notions-clear light and valuable guidance on all matters affecting human life as at present troublously exhibited on earth, whether as regards individual well-being or national development.

In the illustration of these, the author devotes himself to a work which is entirely out of harmony with the modern intellectual temper, and unsuited to the popular taste, but which, nevertheless, he believes to be a truly useful work that will be appreciated whenever and wherever the Bible comes to be estimated at its true worth, as the embodiment of the ideas and works of God among men.



27th July, 1881.

CHAPTER VI.-JACOB (continued).



CHAPTER X.-MOSES (continued).

CHAPTER XI.-MOSES (continued).

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