Bahrain Through the Ages: The History

Kegan Paul International, 1993 - 621 pages
In this volume, eminent scholars from the Arab world, Asia, India, Pakistan, Western Europe, the USA and Canada present a fascinating and detailed picture of the archaeology of Bahrain in the Arabian Gulf, a position historically of immense significance and importance. Bahrain contains some of the most significant sites in the entire Gulf region, and the government of Bahrain has been particularly active in excavation and conservation. Bahrain's fertility was based on an abundant supply of good water. References to it appear in Mespotamian and Greek sources, but its legendary desirability is now shown to be only the faintest echo of reality. In the course of this work, experts in many disciplines piece together the fabric of this civilization, only recently re-discovered. Its traces today remain most dramatically in the literally hundreds of thousands of burial mounds, in the three successive temples at Barbar and in the city of Dilmun itself.

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The inhabitants of Bahrain at the emergence of Islam
The Portuguese in Bahrain and its environs
Documentation of the modern history of Bahrain from
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