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Spread of Primitive Christianity.

"I saw another messenger flying through the midst of heaven, having everlasting good
news to proclaim to the inhabitants of the earth, even to every nation, and tribe, and tongue,
and people; saying with a loud voice-Fear God, and give glory to him, for the hour of his
judgments is come; and worship him who made heaven, and earth, and sea, and the fountains
of water" (John.)





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JANUARY, 1856.


British Millennial Barbinger.


THE readers of the Harbinger have been already apprised of the fact, that its continuance in our hands is already decided on, if the Lord permit, at least for another year. It is customary, and perhaps generally expected, that at the commencement of each volume, some introductory observations should be made, which may indicate to the reader, to a certain extent, the character of the articles which may follow. But this apparently trivial matter is, nevertheless, not so easily accomplished. We must refer rather to the past for such an outline. The numerous volumes issuing from the press daily, are, in general, completed before the preface is written; and thus an epitome of the contents is presented at the commencement of the work. But, in the case of a monthly periodical, the circumstances are different. It is not a connected work. The articles are as diverse in their several shades of thought as are the lineaments of character in those who pen them. As yet unwritten by our much-esteemed contributors, the articles of which it is to be composed cannot be enumerated; they will be read, and their influence felt, and their worth appreciated, as time, the great revealer of God's purposes, rolls forward into that awful eternity from which it emanates.

All that we can say, as to the contents of the volume now commenced, is, that the names and capabilities of the brethren who supply matter for our pages, and their long standing amongst us, are a guarantee of the rich fields of instruction which will be opened to us as the volume progresses, and the light that will be thrown on the various mental and moral questions which are engaging public attention.

Whilst the literary contributions of all our brethren are thankfully received, ceived, we deem it only an act of common honesty, to place on record the fact, that the readers of the British Millennial Harbinger have hitherto been, and are now, especially indebted to the labors of Brother A. Campbell, President of Bethany College, Virginia, whose elaborate and eloquent essays and addresses are, by his generous permission, transferred to our pages. May his life be long spared, and his physical health established, that his capacious powers may continue to be directed to the great object which he has ever kept steadily in view -the advancement of the Redeemer's kingdom in the world, by the diffusion of God's revealed plan of salvation to a rebellious and perishing world!

We cannot do better than give his prefatory thoughts, expressed on a similar occasion, by way of conclusion :

"The art of printing has greatly diminished the labors of the pen, while it has

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