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ADULTERY, worse than seduction by the sufferings of the husband
of adulteress, vol. iii. page 215. By sufferings of her children, ibid.
Not excused by secresy, ibid. Includes perjury, 216. Idle apology
for, ibid. Condemned in scripture, 217. Imperfect satisfaction for,
219. Only cause of divorce, 230. Violation of marriage vow, 236.
Adventitious rights, how created, iii. 80. Their obligation, sacred as nat-
ural rights, 81.

Agreement, explicit, between history and letters of one mentioned in the
history proves little, v. 13. But oblique and indirect, is very forcible,
proving the undesignedness, 14.

Air bladder of fish, i. 171.

Air, its use, i. 254. In reflecting light, 255. In evaporating fluids, ibid.
And the converse, ibid. In vegetation, 256. Foul, purified, ibid.
Alienable rights, what, iii. 81.

Allegiance, oath of, iii. 152. Forbids supporting any other person's pre-
tensions to the crown, 153. Attempting to dethrone the king, ibid.
Taking arms against him with private views, ibid. Permits resist-
ance, when beneficial to the community, 154. Or to unlawful com-
mands, ibid. Or withdrawing from him, when captive, or deposed,
or exiled, 155.

Anatomy, comparative, i. 149.

Anger, what, iii. 187. Not always sinful, ibid. When sinful, 188. When
conceived on slight provocation, ibid. When continued long, ibid.
How to be restrained, 188, 189.

Anhelation, safely provided for, i. 127.

Animals and plants, succession of, proof of superintending mind, i. 41.
Which bring forth eggs, ignorant of their internal structure, 42.
Which bring forth young alive, equally ignorant, 44. And vegetables,
the mechanical and immechanical parts and functions, 60. Produce
their like, how, 288. Of prey, do not disprove the benevolent inten-
tions of God to creation, 319.

[blocks in formation]

Ankle, defence of the, i. 84.

Antennæ, or feelers, of insects, i. 222.

Aorta of a whale, i. 111.

Apostles' erroneous opinions no objection to their evidence, ii. 362. Dis-
interestedness, iii. 181.

Appetites, happily vary in different animals, i. 238.
Apprenticeships, necessity of, iv. 417.

Aristocracy, advantages and evils of, iii. 365. Of two kinds, where pow-

er is in the aggregate power, and where in each individual, 368.
Overturned by union of the people with the monarch in many coun-
tries, 369.

Arm, contrivance of the, i. 71.

Arteries, i. 108.

Articles of faith ought to contain scripture terms only, iv. 432. Of the
English church, it is conceded by their advocatee, might be amend-
ed, 453.
Astronomy, not the best proof of agency by an intelligent Creator, i. 260.
Motion of heavenly bodies, 261. Our knowledge of it, wonderful, 262.
Placing the source of heat in the centre, proof of choice, 263. Axis
of rotation of our planet exactly right, when the chances were a mil-
lion to one against it, proof of wisdom and goodness, 264. Form of
the earth, 266. Centripetal force, 267. Law of heavenly bodies' mo-
tion, 268. Attraction indifferent to distance, ibid. Whether caused
by emanation, 269. Law of, must be what it is, 270. The best is
chosen, 271. Same law between particles and bodies composed of
the particles, 272. Perturbations in all systems, limited in ours, 273.
Great planets must move in great circles, why, ibid. Why not in per-
fect circles, 274. Figures of the planets, ibid. Motion of them ex-
actly right, 275. Hypothesis of Buffon, 276. Must exalt the imagin-
ation to understand it, 277. Some bodies fixed, some not, 278.
Atheism maintains that there is no manifestation of art in creation, i. 20.
Old and new, compared, 290.

Austerities not required by the Gospel, ii. 241.

Authenticity of the Scriptures, ii. 96. Proved by manuscripts of great an-
tiquity, found in remote countries, and many languages, 97. By pe-
culiarity of style, 98. Not affected by the relation of supernatural
events, ibid. Confirmed by not hearing of any writings by Christ him-
self, 99. Strengthened by not being ascribed to more eminent men, 100.
Ascertained by early agreement of Christian churches, 101. By tes-
timony, 102. As by quotations, 104-129. By respect of all parties,
129-133. By early collection into volumes, 134. By early distinc-

tion of names, 138. By early publick reading, 140. By early com-
ments, 143. By ancient versions, 148. By appeals of all parties, 149.
By most important being acknowledged by those who doubted of oth-
ers, 156. By attacks of enemies of the religion, as containing the
accounts of the religion, 161. By publication of catalogues, 167. All
which cannot be said of apocryphal books, 169.
Awl, or borer, in some flies' tails, i. 223.

Back-bone, contrivance of the, i. 72.

Ball and socket joint, i. 82.


Balloon resembles the machinery by which a gossamir spider travels, i.


Bastards should not be abandoned by their parents, iii. 246.

Bat's wing furnished with a hook, why, i. 193.

Beauty of animal forms, i. 140. Of flowers, 141. Real, not fanciful, 142.
Bee not led to seek honey by the shape of his proboscis, i. 55. Bees ex-
hibit mechanism in the parts devoted to collection of honey and mak-
ing of wax, 230.

Beetle's scaly wings, use of, i. 222.

Beneficence no excuse for licentiousness, iv. 284. Because it is incon-

sistent, 286. But common, without purity, 287.

Bill does not determine certain birds to prey on animals, or others to
pick seeds, i. 55.

Birds' eyes distinguish objects at very little or great distances, i. 28.
Bird supports its body carefully, 146. Birds' covering, 151, 155.
Birds are all oviparous, why, 163. Prune their feathers with oil, 170.
Some have their claws or bills notched to hold their prey faster, 174.
Birds' want of teeth compensated, 200.

Bishops, use of, in the House of Lords, according to English Constitu-
tion, iii. 390.

Bladder secured in its place, i. 137.

Blood-vessels protected, i. 85. Blood, circulation of the, 107. Blood-

vessels disposed like water pipes, ibid. Blood must be brought into
proximity with the air, 111. Distributes nourishment, 117.

Bodies, animal, exhibit the wisdom of God in their collective action, i. 130.
Bones, artificial construction of, i. 69. Differ in different animals, 162.
In birds in three respects, ibid.

Brain safely packed, i. 138.

Breathing, nose necessary for, i. 99. Safely provided for, 127.

Bribery, oath against, in elections, iii. 155. Evasions of, 156.


Cameleon's stiff neck compensated, i. 196.
Camel's stomach retains water well, i. 174.

Canary bird, its wonderful structure, i. 132.

Candour of the New Testament writers, ii. 253–263.

Cause and effect may admit variations from the author of their laws, ii.

Cawl secured in its place, i. 138.

Chance does nothing in organization of animals, i. 50. Necessary, 348.
Appearance of, proportionate to ignorance in observer, 349. Better
than rule, in many cases, 350. In length of life, 351. In diseases,
ibid. In seasons, ibid. In distribution of fortune, ibid. Better than
providential interference every minute, 354. Promotes probation, 360.
Charity, what, iii. 169. In the treatment of dependents, 170. Who are
of more use to us, than we to them, 171. And not incapable of grat-
itude, ibid. And should be put upon no unnecessary labour, ibid.
Nor insulted, ibid. Nor denied harmless pleasure, ibid. In profes-
sional assistance, 175. In making regulations for the support of the
poor, ibid. And in executing them, ibid. In affording medical as-
sistance, 176. In preventing law-saits, ibid. In preventing oppres-
sion, 177. In affording religious instruction, ibid. In pecuniary
bounty, ibid. To which the poor have a claim, 178.
ginal principles of the distribution of property, ibid.
junctions of our scriptures, ibid. Upon a plan, 180.
of bestowing, 181. As in giving stated pensions, ibid.
to publick charities, 182. In relief of beggars, ibid.
down prices, 183. In affording employment, ibid.
be private, ibid. Perversion of, or false, 184. Excuses for not giv-
ing, 185. Nothing to spare, ibid. Families of our own, ibid. General
benevolence, ibid. That it is not mentioned in St. Paul's description
of charity, ibid. Payment of poor rates, ibid. Employment of many
poor, 186. That the poor do not suffer much, because they are used
to it, ibid. That the poor will not thank us, ibid. Liability to impo-
sition, ibid. The poor should apply to their parishes, ibid. Encour-
agement of idleness, ibid. Great number of charities, ibid.
Chest, enlargemnent and contraction of the human, i. 78.

Child learning to walk, i. 145, 313.

From the ori-
And by the in-
In the manner
In subscribing
Or in keeping
When it should

Children, their duty, iii. 253. During childhood, ibid. After attaining
manhood, but remaining in their father's family, 254. After leaving
their father's family, ibid. Does not require sacrifice of happiness,

255. Sanctioned by the command of heaven, 257. To support father
and other ancestors, 258. Commanded by St. Paul, ibid. Disobedi-
ent, how punished, ibid.

Christ, efficacy of his death, iv. 257. Declared by St. John, 258. By
Isaiah, ibid. By St. Peter, 259. By St. Paul, ibid. Doctrine of, ex-
cites wonder, 261. And gratitude, 262. More proper reliance than
our own merits, for future rewards, 264. Because our good actions
have a mixture of impurity in the motives, 265. And are imperfect,
266. Even those which relate to our neighbour, 267. And still more
our duties to ourselves, 269. Not to be abused to encourage continu-
ance in sin, 271. Because in the business of salvation the condition
is to be regarded as well as the cause, 275. His agency since his as-
cension, 289. Being the same person, 290. And having the same
power, 292. And that to indure, 294. But not yet over all things,
295. And the same office, 296. His intercession, ibid. His station
as head of the church, 297. Not now to be fully understood by us,
298. Which was not to be expected, 301. But affords us constant
protection, ibid.

And from the re-
Not only from the

Christianity, Evidences of, ii. 17. Witnesses for, suffered voluntarily for
their report, 18. Which was necessary, 19. From the enmity of the
Jews, 20. And the jealousy of the Romans, 21.
pugnance of Heathenism to its exclusiveness, 23.
acts of government, but from the unauthorized rage of the people, 24.
From the intolerant spirit of Atheism, 25. From the antiquity of the
religion it subverted, 26. The witnesses changed their rules of con-
duct, 27. Witnesses for, sufferings of, 30. Origin and progress of,
42. Persecution of, 46. Connexión of with Jewish History, no ob-
jection to its credibility, 366. Rejection of, 369.

Chyle carried up to the neck to be mixed with the blood, i. 120. Which
is the most commodious place, 121.

Claws of some birds mechanically notched in order to hold their prey,
i. 174.

Clergy must be learned, iii. 445.

Should be maintained by law, not vol-
untary contribution, 448. Which would necessarily be inadequate,
ibid. And degrading, 449. How to be appointed, 451. Dangers in-
cidental to character of the, iv. 71. That they may indulge in
private irregularity in consideration of publick services, 72. Insen-
sibility to religious impressions, on account of their familiarity
with them, 73. To impressions even of arguments, 74. Especially
because their arguments are chiefly addressed to others, 75. Of
overstating arguments, and valuing them much more than they are

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