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America, or has some ancient wizard, by magic art, suddenly transported us to the south of the Asiatic peninsula, in Cambodia, in the old city of Angor-Thom? There also we find similar altars, figures of serpents, and the bird-headed god.

This bird, symbol of the principal female divinity, is met with in every country where Maya civilization can be traced -in Polynesia,1 Japan, India, Chaldea, Egypt, Greece, as in Mayach and the ancient city of Tiahuanuco on the high plateaus of the Peruvian Andes.

In Egypt the vulture formed



the headdress of the Goddess Isis, or Mau, whose vestments were dyed with a variety of colors imitating feather work. Everywhere it is a myth. In Mayach only we may perhaps

'When Banks, who accompanied Captain Cook in his first voyage, visited the great Morai at O-Taheite, he saw on the summit of the pyramid a representation of a bird, carved in wood (the Creator). John Watson, The Lost Solar System, vol. ii., p. 232.

Sir Gardner Wilkinson, Manners and Customs of Ancient Egyptians, vol. iii., p. 375.

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