Material Discourses of Health and Illness

Lucy Yardley
Psychology Press, 1997 - 241 pages
Material Discourses of Health and Illness explores the way in which the meaning, context and consequences of bodily phenomena, ranging from sex to heart disease, are created and transformed by human activity. It introduces a range of theoretical perspectives which can contribute to an understanding of the meaning and context of embodied experience, drawing on phenomenology, ecological psychology, post-structuralism and social constructionism. A critical overview of the methods and rationale of qualitative research and discourse analysis is given, and key issues confronting discursive researchers are addressed. These include the status of physical 'reality', the problem of relativism, and the question of how the validity of qualitative research can be established. This book provides practical examples of how these approaches can be applied to the field of health psychology with a collection of sophisticated discursive analyses of health-related topics, ranging from eating behaviour and childbirth to dialysis, deafness and AIDS. Each chapter explains and justifies a different approach, reflecting on its practical utility as well as its limitations.

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Lucy Yardley is Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University College London, and author of Vertigo and Dizziness (Routledge, 1994).

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