A History of Icelandic Literature

Daisy L. Neijmann
U of Nebraska Press, 1 janv. 2006 - 730 pages
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A History of Icelandic Literature provides a complete overview of the literature of Iceland, from the country's settlement in the ninth century until the present day, including chapters on lesser-known areas such as drama, children's literature, women's literature, and North American Icelandic literature. It is the first work to give non-Icelandic readers a wide-ranging introduction to Iceland's literature and each contributor to this volume is a recognized expert in his or her area.

Despite its peripheral geographical position and small population, Iceland produced some of the most remarkable literary treasures of the Middle Ages, particularly sagas and Eddic poetry. These medieval works have inspired poets and writers across the centuries, who in turn have inspired the Icelandic people during the country?s long history of hardships and up to its more affluent present. This volume extends knowledge of Icelandic literature outside the country and encourages its inclusion in comparative studies of literatures across national and linguistic boundaries.


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Table des matières

1 The Middle Ages Vésteinn Ólason and Sverrir Tómasson
2 From Reformation to Enlightenment Margrét Eggertsdóttir
3 From Romanticism to Realism Pórir Óskarsson
4 From Realism to Neoromanticism Guoni Elísson
Between the World Wars Jón Yngvi Jóhannsson
6 Icelandic Prose Literature 19402000 Ástráour Eysteinsson and Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir
7 Icelandic Poetry since 1940 Eysteinn Porvaldsson
Female Experience and Female Tradition in Icelandic Literature Helga Kress
9 Icelandic Theater Árni Ibsen and Hávar Sigurjónsson
10 Icelandic Childrens Literature 17802000 Silja Adalsteinsdóttir
11 Icelandic Canadian Literature Daisy Neijmann
The Contributors
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Daisy Neijmann is Halld¢r Laxness Lecturer in Modern Icelandic Language and Literature at University College London. She is the author of Colloquial Icelandic: A Complete Course for Beginners and The Icelandic Voice in Canadian Letters: The Contribution of Icelandic-Canadian Writers to Canadian Literature.

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