Cultural Diversity: Its Social Psychology

Wiley, 16 janv. 2004 - 217 pages
Cultural Diversity: Its Social Psychology shows how social psychology can contribute to contemporary debates about immigration and multiculturalism.

The book focuses on the social psychological processes involved in multicultural societies, especially migration and ethnic relations. It discusses how immigrants and members of minorities deal with acculturation issues, what is the reaction of the receiving societies, and what are the consequences of migration for intergroup relations and societal cohesion. These issues are examined through the presentation of research concerning identity, intergroup relations, social influence, and social representations. In addition, the book addresses issues of citizenship and multiculturalism in relation to the nation-state, European integration, and the North American and Australian experiences. Text panels are included to present key concepts and important research findings, while 20 theoretical snapshots summarize classic and current social psychological theories. This user-friendly book also contains chapter summaries, lists of key words, and suggestions for further reading.This book will help readers to understand the processes that have shaped modern societies and the diversity issues they currently face.

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À propos de l'auteur (2004)

Xenia Chryssochoou is Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Surrey. She has published widely on identity dynamics within multicultural societies and on the social psychological processes of mobility and migration in modern societies.

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