Constructive Therapies V2

Michael F. Hoyt
Guilford Press, 1 oct. 1998 - 388 pages
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Like its predecessor, Constructive Therapies, Volume 1, this engaging book presents a range of creative, time- effective approaches for helping clients build on their competencies and develop their own solutions. In-depth interviews with Michael White, Steve de Shazer, Bill O'Hanlon, Donald Meichenbaum, and Kenneth Gergen are incorporated with other clinicially oriented chapters from well-known therapists. Topics covered include different styles of constructive therapy, the externalization and deconstruction of problems, narrative work with ADHD-diagnosed children, a solution-focused approach for dealing with cases of domestic violence, EMDR and the MRI interactional approach, actualizing
the empty self in psychotherapy, emotional and spiritual healing, and more. Illustrative case examples are featured throughout.

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Introduction Some Stories Are Better Than Others
On Ethics and the Spiritualities of the Surface A Conversation with Michael White
Solution Building and Language Games A Conversation with Steve de Shazer
Welcome to PossibilityLand A Conversation with Bill OHanlon
CognitiveBehavioral Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder from a Narrative Constructivist Perspective A Conversation with Donald Meichenbaum
Consulting the Problem about the Problematic Relationship An Exercise for Experiencing a Relationship with an Externalized Problem
From Deficits to Special Abilities Working Narratively with Children Labeled ADHD
Taking Safety Home A SolutionFocused Approach with Domestic Violence
No Self? No Problem Actualizing Empty Self in Psychotherapy
Core Transformation A Brief Therapy Approach to Emotional and Spiritual Healing
A Golfers Guide to Brief Therapy with Footnotes for Baseball Fans
Three Styles of Constructive Therapy
ResourceFocused Therapy
Postmodernism the Relational Self Constructive Therapies and Beyond A Conversation with Kenneth Gergen
Songs for Constructive Therapists

When the Past Is Present A Conversation about EMDR and the MRI Interactional Approach
The Relational Self The Expanding of Love beyond Desire

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Michael F. Hoyt, PhD, is Director of Adult Psychiatric Services at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Hayward, California, and serves on the Clinical Faculty of the University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco. Widely published on brief therapy and related topics, Dr. Hoyt is the author of Brief Therapy and Managed Care (1995), coeditor (with Simon H. Budman and Steven Friedman) of The First Session in Brief Therapy (Guilford, 1992), and editor of volume one of Constructive Therapies (Guilford, 1994). A multitheoretical thinker and expert clinician, he is an internationally respected lecturer.

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