The Blood Covenant

Ravenio Books, 24 févr. 2014

 This classic contains the following chapters: 

I. The Primitive Rite Itself 

1. Sources of Bible Study 

2. An Ancient Semitic Rite 

3. The Primitive Rite in Africa 

4. Traces of the Rite in Europe 

5. World-Wide Sweep of the Rite 

6. Light From the Classics 

7. The Bond of the Covenant 

8. The Rite and Its Token in Egypt 

II. Suggestions and Perversions of the Rite 

1. Sacredness of Blood and of the Heart 

2. Vivifying Power of Blood 

3. A New Nature Through New Blood 

5. Inspiration Through Blood 

6. Inter-Communion Through Blood 

7. Symbolic Substitutes for Blood 

8. Blood-Covenant Involvings 

III. Indications of the Rite in the Bible 

1. Limitations of Inquiry 

2. Primitive Teachings of Blood 

3. The Blood Covenant in Circumcision 

4. The Blood Covenant Tested 

5. The Blood Covenant and Its Tokens in the Passover 

6. The Blood Covenant at Sinai 

7. The Blood Covenant in the Mosaic Ritual 

8. The Primitive Rite Illustrated 

9. The Blood Covenant in the Gospels


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The Primitive Rite Itself
Suggestions and Perversions of the Rite
Indications of the Rite in the Bible

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