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THE experience of the last few years has proved that the first fr knowledge which is spreading so ray over the lied gi ce, and into every corner of society, has been fully felt throughout the medical profession, and that this thirst, which was formerly satisfied with many or quarterly supplies, now requires to be granted at må done i tervals. It is more than probable that, in future, the Teeny Medcal Press will have both the most immediate and the most extended influence; and it is of great importance to the Medical Profession directly, and to the Public indirectly, that it should be conducted with the utmost degree of judgment, knowledge, and good feeling. These are the qualities with which we have framed the idi model vich ve shall endeavour to imitate, and although we shall of course, fall før short of it, it shall not be for want either of wishes or exertiona

In the composition of our paper, we shall enlaro to make or readers acquainted with all that is going on whether scentially interesting or practically useful, in medicine, surgery, and the collateral sciences. Each number will generally consist of the flowing materials:

First, A Leading Article relating to topics of particular interest at the time, and which are constantly occurring in a busy and important profession like curs: such are at the present moment the state of medical education in England the powers and constitution of the College of Physicians, the state of Imatic asylums generally, and those for paupers in particular. Secondly, Original Papers, in the form of lectures or essays. Thiry. Analyses of valuable Books, both English and Foreign. In this corner of our paper our readers will find concise yet full analyses of instructive Socks viti cha of as ought to be acquainted, and yet which most of us, vien ized in practice, have no time to peruse -stripped of dedications, prefaces introductions, and all those superfluides with which authors fress up and often bury the valuable matter

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