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fay continually, Let God be magnified. Let the Heaven and Earth praise thee, the Seas, and every thing that moveth therein. I am () poor and needy, make hafte unto me; O God, thou art my Helper and Deliverer: O Lord, make no (u) tarrying.

e Pfalm LXIX. 34.

(t) Matt. v. 3. Bleffed are the Poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

(u) Luke xv111. 7, 8. Shall not God avenge his own Elect, which cry Day and Night unto him, tho' that he will avenge them fpeedily. he bear long with them? I tell you,

a Pfalm LXX. 5.

Grant thefe humble Supplications which I offer up to thy Divine Majesty, through the Merits of Chrift Jefus our Redeemer; who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God World without end. Amen.

A Prayer in the Time
of Old Age, or Sick-

N thee, O Lord,
do I put my (a) (a) Ifai. xxvI. 3, 4. Thou wilt
TRUST, let me
keep him in perfect Peace, whose
Mind is STAYED on thee, because
never be put to he TRUSTETH in thee. Truft ye
Confufion: Deli- in the Lord for ever: for in the
Lord JEHOVAH is everlasting

ver me in thy Righteoufnefs,
caufe me to escape; incline
thine Ear unto me, and fave
me. Be thou my ftrong (b)
Habitation, whereunto I may
continually refort. Thou haft
given Commandment to fave
c) me, for thou art my
Rock and my Fortress.

a Pfalm LXXI. I, to 9.

(b) Ats XVII. 28. In him we LIVE, and MOVE, and have our BEING.

(c) Ats v. 31. Him hath God anointed to be a Prince and SAVI

or, to give Repentance, and Forgivenefs of Sins.

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(d) 1 Pet. v. 8. Be fober, be vi gilant, for your ADVERSARY the Devil, as a roaring Lion, goeth about feeking whom he may de

vour whom refift ftedfaft in the Faith.

therefore your Confidence, which (e) Heb. x. 35, 38. Caft not away hath great recompenfe of Reward. For the Juft fhall live by Faith.

(f) Heb. vi. 18, 19, 20. That by two immutable Things, in which it was impoffible for God to lye, we might have a strong Confolation who have fled for REFUGE, to lay hold upon the HOPE fet before us: Which HOPE we have as an Anchor of the Soul, both fure and ftedfaft, and which entereth

into that within the Vail; whither the Forerunner is for us entered, even Jefus, made an High Priest for ever.

Deliver me, O my God, out of the Hands of the Wicked, out of the Hand of the unrighteous and (d) CRUEL ONE. For thou art (e) my Hope, O Lord God; thou art my Truft from my Youth: By thee have I been holden up from the Womb; thou art he that took me out of my Mother's Bowels: I am as a Wonder unto many, (f) but thou art my ftrong Refuge. Let my Mouth be filled with thy Praife, and with thine Honour all the Day. Caft me not off in the time of (g) OLD AGE, forfake me not when my Strength faileth. Lord, make me to know mine End, and the Measure of my Days, what it is, that I may know how (b) frail I am. Behold, thou haft made my Days as an Hand breadth, and mine Age is as nothing (b) 2 Cor. v. 4. For we that are before thee: Verily, every in this Tabernacle do groan, being Man, at his beft Eftate, is burdened; not for that we would be uncloathed, but cloathed upon, altogether Vanity. Surely that Mortality might be swallowed every Man walketh in a vain up of Life. Phil. 111. 21. Who * Shew, (i) he HEAPETH fhall change our vile Body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious Body, according to the working whereby he is able even to fubduc all things unto himself. 1 Cor. xv. 54. When this corruptible shall have put on Incorruption, and this mortal hall have put on Immortality, then fhall be brought to pass the Saying that is written, DEATH is swallowed up in VICTORY.

(g) Ifai. XLVI. 4. And even to your OLD AGE I am he, and even to HOAR HAIRS will I carry you : I have made, and I will bear; even Heb. 111. 5. For he hath faid, I will carry, and will deliver you. will never LEAVE thee, nor FORSAKE thee. Matt. XXVIII. 20. Lo, I am with you alway, even unto


the end of the World.

(i) Luke x11. 20. Thou Fool, this Night thy SouL fhall be required of thee, and then whofe fhall all THOSE THINGS be. Matt. XVI. 26. What fhall it profit a Man to gain the WHOLE WORLD, and lofe his own SOUL? Or, what fhall a Man give in EXCHANGE for his Soul? 1 Tim. VI. 10. For the Love of MONEY is the Root of all Evil, which while fome coveted after, have erred from the Faith, and pierced themfelves through with many Sorrows.

b Pfalm xxx1x. 4, to 13.

* In a vain Shew, in the Margin, in an Image; the fame, probably, with the Image or Shadow of Death, as Pfalin xx111. 4. Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow, or Image of Death. See Rom. v11.24.


up RICHES, and knoweth not who fhall gather them : And now, Lord, what wait 1 for? My Hope is in thee: Deliver me from all my Tranfgreffions, and make me not the Reproach of the Foolifh I was dumb, 1 opened not my Mouth, becaufe thou didst it. Remove away thy Stroke from me; I am confumed by the Blow of thine Hand. When thou with Rebukes doft (k) CORRECT Man for INIQUITY, thou makeft his Beauty to consume away like a Moth furely every Man is Vanity. Hear my Prayer, O Lord, and give Ear unto my Cry ; hold not thy Peace at my Tears; for I am (2)a Stranger with thee, and a Sojourner, as all my Fathers were.. O fpare me, that I may recover Strength, before I go hence, and be no more.

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O God, be not far from me; O my God, make hafte for my Help; I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more. My Mouth fhall fhew forth thy Righteousness, and thy Salvation all the Day; for I know not the Numbers thereof. I will go in the (m)STRENGTH of the Lord God; I will make mention of thy RIGHTEOUSNESS, (1) even of thine only: O God,

(k) 2 Cor. IV. 16, 17, 18. Though our outward Man perifh, yet the inward Man is renewed Day by Day. Our light AFFLICTION, eth for us a far more exceeding and eternal Weight of Glory; while we look not at the Things which are feen, which are temporal; but ac the Things which are not feen, which are eternal. 1 Cor. xv. 55, 56, 57. O Death, where is thy tory The Sting of Death is Sin, Sting? O Grave, where is thy Vicand the Strength of Sin is the Law: But Thanks be to God, which giveth us the Victory, through our Lord Jefus Chrift.

which is but for a Moment, work

(1) Heb. x1. 13,14. Thefe all died in the Faith, not having received the Promifes, but having feen them them, and embraced them, and conafar off; and were perfwaded of feffed that they were STRANGERS

and PILGRIMS on the Earth: for plainly that they feek a Country; they that fay fuch things, declare ver. 16. that is, an heavenly. T Chron. XXIX. 15. For we are Strangers before thee, and Sojourners, as were all our Fathers. Our Days on the Earth are as a Shadow, and there is none abiding.

(m) Eph. 111. 16, 17. That he Riches of his Glory, to be STRENGwould grant you, according to the THENED with Might, by his Spirit in the inner Man, that Chrift that ye may be rooted and groundmay dwell in your Hearts by Faith, ed in Love.

(n) Phil. 111. 8,9. And I count all of the Knowledge of Chrift Jefus Things but Lofs, for the Excellency my Lord; for whom I have fuffered the Lofs of all Things, and do win Chrift, and be found in him, count them but Dung, that I may not having mine own Righteouf nefs, which is of the Law, but that which is through the Faith of

Chrift, the Righteousness which is of God by Faith.

- Pfalm LXXI. 12,14, to 21, 24, 23, 22.


thou haft taught me from my Youth, and hitherto have I declared thy wondrous Works: Now alfo when I am old and grayheaded, O God, forfake me


Hezekiah prayed unto the Lord, (0) 2 Kings xx. 2, 3, 4, 5. And faying, I beseech thee, O Lord, rebefore thee in Truth, and with a member now how I have walked perfect Heart; and have done that which is good in thy fight. And the Word of the Lord came unto Hezekiah, Thus faith the Lord, I Ifaiah, faying, Turn again, and tell have heard thy Prayer, I have seen thy Tears, behold, I will heal thee. 2 Tim. II. II, 12. It is a faithful Saying, For if we be dead with him, we fhall alfo live with him; if we fuffer, we fhall alfo reign with him. Col. 111. 3, 4. Ye are dead, and your Life is hid with Chrift in God. When Chrift, who is our Life, fhall appear, then fhall ye alfo appear with him in Glory. Father, and he fhall give you an(p) John xiv. 16. I will pray the other Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever. 2 Cor. 1.5. For as the Sufferings of Chrift abound in us, fo our Confolation also a boundeth by Chrift.

Thy RIGHTEOUSNESS, O God, is very high, who haft done great things: Lord, who is like unto thee? Thou, which haft fhewn me great and fore Trouble, (o) wilt quicken me again, and fhalt bring me up again out of the Depths of the Earth. Thou wilt (p) comfort me on every fide; my Tongue therefore fhall talk of thy Righteousness all the Day long, my Lips fhall greatly rejoice when I (9) SING unto thee, and my Soul which thou haft REDEEMED. I (q) Rev. v. 9. And they sung a will alfo praife thee with the new Song, faying, Thou art worPfaltery, even thy Truth, O. my God ; unto thee will I fing with the Harp, O thou Holy One of Ifraël.

thy to take the Book, and to open the Seals thereof; for thou waft SLAIN, and haft REDEEMED US Kindred, and Tongue, and People, to God by thy Blood, out of every

and Nation.

O Father of Mercies, and God of all Confolation, I do not prefent these my Supplications for my Righteousnefs, but for thy great Mercy's fake, through the infinite Merits of Jefus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God World without end. Amen.


A Prayer in the Time

of Trouble and Affliction, with earnest Supplications to be reftored to the Divine Favour.

Cryed unto God with my Voice, even unto God with my Voice, and he gave Ear unto me. In the Day of (a) my Trouble I fought the Lord; my Sore ran in the Night, and ceafed not; my Soul refufed to be comforted: I remembred God, and was troubled; I complained, and my Spirit was overwhelmed. Thou holdet mine Eyes waking, 1 am fo troubled that I cannot fpeak: I called to remembrance my former Songs in the Night; I commune with mine own Heart, and my Spirit made diligent fearch. Wilt thou, O Lord, (b) caft me off for ever? and wilt thou be favourable no more? Is thy Mercy (c) clean gone for ever? Doth thy Promife fail for evermore? Haft thou, O God, forgotten to be gracious? Haft thou in Anger fhut up thy tender Mercies? But I faid, this is mine Infirmity; I will (d) remember the

(a) Heb. 11. 18. For in that he himfelf hath fuffered, being tempted, he is able to fuccour them that are tempted. Heb. x11. 6. For whom the Lord loveth he CHASTENETH, and SCOURGETH every Son whom he receiveth. 1 Peter 1. 6. Wherein we greatly rejoice, though now for a Seafon, if need be, ye are in Heaviness, through manifold Temptations.

faid, I will never leave thee, nor (b) Heb. x111. 5. For he hath forfake thee.

that we have a great High Prielt, (c) Heb. IV. 14, 15, 16. Seeing that is paffed into the Heavens, Jefus the Son of God; let us hold fast our Profeffion: for we have not an

ed with the Feeling of our INFIRHigh Prieft which cannot be touch MITIES, but was in all Points tempted like as we are, yet with

out Sin. Let us therefore come BOLDLYunto the Throne of GRACE, that we may obtain MERCY, and find GRACE to help in time of


(d) Heb. x11. 1. Seeing we alfo are encompaffed with fo great a Cloud of WITNESSES, let us lay afide every WEIGHT, and the SIN which doth fo easily befet us, and let us run with PATIENCE the Race that is fet before us. Chap. x. 32. Call to remembrance the former minated, ye endured a great Fight Days, in which, after ye were illuof AFFLICTIONS.

• Pfalm LXXVII. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, to 13.

The Night is the time of Deliverance, and confequently of Singing; concerning which, fee Exod. x11. 29,42. Als xvI. 25, 26, &c.


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