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Divine Hymns.





LESS'D is the Man, who never treads
Thofe Paths where evil Counsel leads;
In Sin's deep Ways, nor ftanding fast,
Nor on high Seats with Scorners plac'd.

2. But makes God's Law his whole Delight,
His Meditation Day and Night.

3. As Trees, when fet in even Ranks, Where living Streams enrich their Banks.

Their Branches fwell'd with quick'ning Juice,
In Seafon joyful Fruits produce;
No Blafts the Bud or Leaf impair;
So all his Actions profp'rous are.

4. Thus fares not the ungodly Man;

As Chaff from Corn the Wind does fan, 5. Sinners, when Judgment is at hand, Amongst the Righteous fhall not stand.

6. The juft Man's Ways to God are known, The Wicked perish in their own.

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LORD, thy Excellence is known
- Troughout the Earth's Extent;
Thou fitt'ft upon thy glorious Throne,
Above the Firmament.

2. Babes newly born, who draw the Breast,
With Strength thy Pow'r proclaim;
So thou the Rebel haft fupprefs'd,
And doft th' Avenger tame.

3. When to thy glorious Works on high
I raife my humble Thought;
The Sun, the Moon, the pangled Sky,
All by thy Finger wrought;


4. Alas! what's Man, I then reflect,
Or those who from him fpring;
That God fhould vifit, or refpect,
Or love fo low a Thing?

5. Next Angels, in his glorious State; A Crown adorns his Brow:

6. All Things which elfe thou didst create, To his Subjection bow.

7, 8. Their Wealth for Tribute, as his own, Air, Earth, and Sea prefent.

9. O Lord, thy Excellence is known Beyond the World's Extent.

First Part of PSALM XVIII.

GOD, my Strength and Fortitude,

Of Force I must love Thee:

Thou art my Castle and Defence

In my Neceffity.

2. My God, my Rock, in whom I trust,
The Worker of my Wealth:
My Refuge, Buckler, and my Shield,
The Horn of all my Health.

3. When I fing Laud unto the Lord,
Moft worthy to be ferv'd:

Then from my Foes I am right fure
That I fhall be preferv'd.

4. The Pangs of Death did compass me,
And bound me every where;
The flowing Waves of Wickedness
Did put me in great Fear.

5. The fly and fubtle Snares of Hell
Were round about me fet:

And for my Life there was prepar'd
A deadly trapping Net.

6. I, thus befet with Pain and Grief,
Did pray to God for Grace;

And he forthwith heard my Complaint
Out of his holy Place.

7. Such is his Pow'r, that in his Wrath
He made the Earth to quake;
Yea, the Foundation of the Mount
Of Bafan for to shake.

8. And from his Noftrils went a Smoke,
When kindled was his Ire;

And from his Mouth went burning Coals
Of hot confuming Fire.

9. The Lord defcended from above,
And bow'd the Heav'ns most high;
And underneath his Feet he caft
The Darkness of the Sky.

10. On Cherubs and on Cherubims

Full royally he rode

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And on the Wings of mighty Winds
Come flying all abroad.


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Soon as the Ev'ning Shades prevail,
The Moon takes up the wondrous Tale,
And nightly to the liftning Earth
Repeats the Story of her Birth:
Whilft all the Stars that round her burn,
And all the Planets, in their Turn,
Confirm the Tidings as they rowl,
And spread the Truth from Pole to Pole.


What though, in folemn Silence, all
Move round the dark terrestrial Ball?
What tho' nor real Voice nor Sound
Amid their radiant Orbs be found?
In Reason's Ear they all rejoice,
And utter forth a glorious Voice,
For ever finging, as they fhine,
"The Hand that made us is Divine."


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