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2 I was altogether dumb; I held my peace from good and bad;

But my pain was increased.

3 My heart was hot within me,

Through my sighing the fire kindled;

I spake with my tongue:


4 O JEHOVAH! cause me to bear in mind mine end,
"And how short is the measure of my days;
"Let me bear in mind how frail I am."

5 Behold, Thou hast made my days a span long, And my life is as nothing in Thy sight!

Truly, man in his firmest state is altogether vanity!

6 Of a truth, man departeth, as a shadow,

Of a truth, he disquieteth himself in vain;

He pileth up heaps, and knoweth not who shall use them.

[blocks in formation]

8 Deliver me from all my transgressions, Make me not the reproach of the wicked. 9 I am dumb, I open not my mouth, Because Thou hast done it.

2 I was &c.-Heb. I was made dumb in silence.

- from good and bad-Heb. from good. This proverbial expression occurs frequently in scripture, and it would seem that, owing to the constant use of it, one part only of the sentence has been here expressed. Thus, "Take heed that thou speak not to Jacob either good or bad." Gen. xxxi. 24. Again, "Absalom spake neither good nor bad." 2 Sam. xiii. 22.

[blocks in formation]

a shadow which quickly passes away. Compare Ps. cii. 11. cix. 23. cx Liv. 4. See also ver. 12. Note.

6 use them-Heb. take them. i, e. appropriate them to himself.

8 from all &c.—i. e. from the punishment due to my many sins. wicked-Heb. fool. See Ps. xiv.

1. Note.

9 I am dumb &c.-I am so much oppressed by the heavy punishment of my sins, that I am unable to vindicate Thy ways to the wicked. See Ps. Li. 15.

Because Thou &c.—Thus, in the instance of Shimei, 2 Sam. xvi. 10. David said "let him curse, for the Lord hath said unto him, curse David."

10 Remove from me Thy plague;

I consume away under the stroke of Thy hand.
11 With rebukes dost Thou chastise man for iniquity;
And, as a moth, Thou causest his beauty to decay.
Truly, all men are vanity!

12 Hear my prayer, O JEHOVAH !

And incline Thine ear unto my cry;

Be not deaf to my tears.

For I am a stranger with Thee—

A sojourner, as were all my fathers.

13 Turn from me Thine angry look, that I may be cheered, Before I depart, and be no more.


1 I HAVE patiently waited for JEHOVAH;

And He hath inclined His ear unto Me, and heard My cry.

2 He hath raised Me out of the pit of destruction

Out of the miry clay;

And hath placed My feet upon a rock.

He hath established My steps.

3 He hath put into My mouth a new song-
A song of praise unto our God!

Many see this, and reverence Him,
And place their confidence in JEHOVAH.

[blocks in formation]

4 Happy the man, who maketh JEHOVAH his confidence, And turneth not unto the proud,

Nor to such as go aside after a deceitful hope!

5 Great are the works, which Thou hast done,

O JEHOVAH, my God!—

THY wonderful acts, and Thy counsels on our behalf!

There is none to be compared with Thee!

I would declare and rehearse them,

But they are more than can be numbered!

6 In sacrifice and offering Thou delightest not; (MINE ears hast Thou opened)

Burnt-offering and sacrifice for sin Thou dost not require;

7 Therefore have I said: "Behold! I come,

66 According to that which is written concerning Me,

"In the volume of the Book."

8 I delight to do Thy will, O My God! And Thy law is within My heart.

9 I announce the glad tidings of Thy mercy, In the great assembly.

Behold, I restrain not My lips;

O JEHOVAH! Thou knowest it!

10 Thy righteousness I hide not within My heart;

I declare Thy faithfulness and Thy salvation.

I do not conceal Thy loving-kindness and Thy truth,
From the great assembly.

4 go aside-i. e. from the path of rectitude.

- after a deceitful hope-i. e. after idols.

5 on our behalf-Heb. towards us. compared-See Ps. Lxxxix. 6.


- them-i. e. Thy marvellous deeds. 6 opened-Heb. digged. The meaning is that the truth just stated had been communicated to the Messiah by the Almighty.

7 I come-I am ready to obey Thy revealed will, and carry forward Thy merciful purposes.

— written in the prophetical parts of the Old Testament.

8 My heart-Heb. my bowels. 9 restrain not-Compare Ps. cxix. 85. Note 2.

10 faithfulness-in fulfilling His promise of future salvation by the sending of the Messiah.

11 O JEHOVAH! withhold not Thou Thy mercies from Me; Let Thy loving-kindness and Thy truth ever preserve Me. 12 For calamities without number have encompassed Me; Afflictions have overtaken Me,

And I am not able to see.

They are more in number than the hairs of My head,
And My heart faileth Me.

13 Let it be Thy pleasure, O JEHOVAH! to deliver Me; O JEHOVAH! hasten to Mine aid.

14 Let all those, who seek to destroy My life, Be brought to shame, and confusion of face.

Let those, who delight in My calamity,

Be driven backward, and covered with contempt.

15 Let those be confounded, because of their shame, Who say unto Me: "Aha, Aha!”

16 Let all those, who seek Thee, be glad and rejoice in Thee; Let those, who love Thy salvation, ever say:

"May JEHOVAH be magnified!"

17 As for Me, I am afflicted and poor,
May the Lord think upon me!
THOU art My help, and My deliverer;
O My God! delay not.

12 Afflictions-Heb. mine afflictions.

to see-Compare Ps. xxxviii. 10. 14 See Ps. xxxv. 4. Note and 26.

15 Aha, Aha!—Their cry of exultation. Compare Ps. xxxv. 21, 25. 17 delay not-i. e. to come to my assistance.


1 HAPPY he, who considereth the afflicted man! JEHOVAH will deliver him, in the day of calamity. 2 JEHOVAH will guard him, and preserve him alive. He shall be made happy in the land,

And Thou wilt not give him up to the desire of his enemies. 3 JEHOVAH will support him, upon the bed of languishing;

THOU wilt make all his bed, in his sickness.

4 As for me, I say:

"Be gracious unto me, O JEHOVAH !

"Heal me, for I have sinned against Thee."

5 Mine enemies speak evil of me:

"When will he die, and his name perish?"

Yea, if they come to see me, they speak falsely,
Their hearts gather iniquity;

They go forth, they utter it!

7 All those, who hate me, whisper together against me, Against me do they devise evil:


8 Some heavy crime presseth upon him,

"And he shall not rise again from his bed." ·

9 Even my familiar friend, in whom I trustedWho ate of my bread

He lifteth up his heel against me.


1 afflicted-i. e. by bodily disease. This and the two following verses relate to those who kindly sympathize with the Psalmist in his sufferings. See ver. 8.

3 make-Heb. turn. This expression was probably suggested to the Psalmist's mind by the condition in which he was himself placed at the time. See ver. 8.

4 for I have sinned &c.-i. e. in

asmuch as I have done wickedly and therefore stand in need of Thy pardon.

6 Their hearts &c.-i. e. They devise, and collect materials for calumnious charges against me.

8 Some heavy crime-Heb. a matter of Belial.

his bed-Heb. where he lieth. 9 his heel-thus showing the utmost contempt and insolence. See Ps. xxxvi. 11.

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