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And, through the loving-kindness of the Most High,
He shall never be moved.

8 THY hand shall reach all Thine enemies;

THY right hand shall reach those, who hate Thee. 9 THOU shalt place them as in a furnace of fire,

In the time of Thine anger;

JEHOVAH shall destroy them in His fury,

And the fire shall devour them.

10 THOU shalt cause their offspring to perish from the earth, And their posterity from among the children of men;

11 Because they intended evil against Thee—

They devised mischief, which they could not accomplish.

12 Truly, Thou shalt place them as a mark;

THOU shalt fit Thine arrow to the string, and aim at them.

13 Be Thou exalted, JEHOVAH! in Thy strength;

So will we sing and hymn Thy might!


1 MY God! My God! why hast Thou forsaken Me? Why standest Thou far from Mine aid—from My loud cry? 2 O My God! I call by day, but Thou dost not answer—

By night also, and am never silent.

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4 In Thee our fathers trusted;

They trusted, and Thou didst deliver them.

5 Unto Thee they cried, and were rescued;

In Thee they trusted, and were not disappointed.

6 But I am a worm, and not a man;

I am the scorn of men, and the despised of the people. 7 All, who see Me, scoff at Me;

They open wide their lips, they shake their heads: 8 "He trusted in JEHOVAH, let Him deliver Him"Let Him rescue Him, for He delighteth in Him!"

9 Truly, it was Thou, who didst take Me out of the wombWho gavest Me security, upon My mother's breasts.

10 Upon Thee have I been cast from My birth;

From the womb of My mother, Thou hast been My God.

11 Be not far from Me;

For trouble is near-for there is no helper.

12 Many bulls surround Me;

Mighty bulls of Bashan compass Me about.
13 They open wide their mouths at Me;
As a ravenous and roaring lion.

14 I am poured out, like water,
And all My bones are out of joint.

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My heart is become like wax,

It is melted within Me.

15 My strength is dried up, as an earthen vessel,

And My tongue cleaveth unto the roof of My mouth;
Yea, Thou layest Me down in the dust of death.

16 Truly, dogs surround Me;

The assembly of the wicked doth encompass Me;

They pierce My hands and My feet.

17 I can count all My bones.

As for them, they look,-they gaze upon Me with satisfaction! 18 They part My garments among them,

And for My vesture they cast lots.

19 But, JEHOVAH! be not Thou far off, O My Strength, hasten to Mine aid!

20 Rescue Me from the sword

My life from the power of the dogs. 21 Save Me from the mouths of the lions;

Answer, and deliver Me from the horns of the bulls.

22 I will declare Thy Name unto My brethren;
In the midst of the congregation will I praise Thee:

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me, they actually rejoice at my sufferings and calamity.

20 My life-Heb. Mine only onei. e. the possession which is most dear, and now alone remains, to me. "And Satan answered the Lord, and said, Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life." Job ii. 4. See Ps. xxxv. 17.

21 Answer, and deliver Me from &c.-Heb. Answer Me from &c. See Ps. vii. 5. Note 1.

22 The preceding verses have a particular reference to the indignities offered to the Messiah at the close of his earthly career. In those which follow, his deliverance from death and the power of his enemies is proclaimed, and the consequent extension of God's kingdom prophetically described.

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23 Ye worshippers of JEHOVAH! praise Him, "All ye seed of Jacob! glorify Him;

"And reverence Him, all ye seed of Israel! 24 "For He hath not despised

"Nor abhorred the misery of the Afflicted.
"He hath not hidden His face from Him;
"But when He cried unto Him, He hath heard!

25 My praise shall be of Thee, in the great congregation, My vows will I pay before His worshippers.

26 The poor shall eat, and they shall be satisfied;

Those shall praise JEHOVAH who seek Him:

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May your hearts live for ever!"

27 All the ends of the earth

Shall call this to mind, and shall turn unto JEHOVAH;

All the families of the heathen

Shall bow down before Thee.

28 For the kingdom shall be JEHOVAH'S,

And He shall rule over the heathen.

29 All the rich of the earth shall eat, and shall bow down, Before Him shall all bend low, who are going down to the dustMYSELF also, whom He hath kept alive!

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27 All the ends &c.-i. e. The inhabitants of the uttermost parts of the earth.

call this to mind-Heb. call to mind (this deliverance of the Messiah from the malice and power of his enemies).

29 shall eat-See Note 1. ver. 26.

- all, who are going down &c.-i. e. all who are in extreme want and misery and just sinking under their calamities. See Note 1. ver. 26. - kept alive-Heb. kept alive for Himself.

30 My seed &c.-" he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days."Isai. Liii. 10.

They shall be the Lord's, through succeeding generations.

31 They shall come, and shall proclaim His goodness

To a people which shall be born, because He hath done this.


1 JEHOVAH is my shepherd, I am in want of nothing!

2 HE causeth me to lie down in green pastures;

Unto still waters doth He lead me.

3 He reviveth my spirit,

He guideth me into right paths, for His Name's sake.

4 Even when I walk in the valley of the shadow of death,

I fear no evil, because Thou art with me!

THY staff and Thy support

These are my comfort.

5 THOU dost furnish a table for me,
In the sight of mine enemies;
THOU anointest my head with oil,
My cup is overflowing.

6 Only goodness and mercy pursue me, all the days of my life; And I dwell in the house of JEHOVAH, for a length of years.

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other hand, he who is living in peaceful security is said to walk in straight paths.

3 for His Name's sake-conformably to His divine attribute of mercy.

4 in the valley of the shadow of death-i.e. in regions dark and gloomy as the grave, where I am exposed to continual and extreme danger. See Jer. ii. 6.

5 In the sight &c.-so that they are obliged to acknowledge the hand of God to be employed in my preservation. See Ps. Lxiv. 9.

Thou anointest &c.-This was the accompaniment of a splendid banquet. 6 pursue me-So far from being pursued by my enemies, the goodness and mercy of God follow me

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