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O my soul, praise JEHOVAH!

2 I will praise JEHOVAH, as long as I live,

I will hymn unto my God, while I have my being.

3 Place not your confidence in princes

In a child of man, with whom is no help.

4 His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth, In that day, his devices come to nothing!

5 Happy he, who hath the God of Jacob for his help— Whose hope is in JEHOVAH, his God!

6 He made the heavens and the earth, The sea, and all, which is therein!

7 HE preserveth His faithfulness for ever! He executeth judgment for the oppressed! HE giveth food to the hungry!

JEHOVAH setteth the captive free!

8 JEHOVAH оpeneth the eyes of the blind!
JEHOVAH maketh erect those, who are bowed down!
JEHOVAH loveth the righteous!

9 JEHOVAH preserveth the stranger!

He raiseth up the fatherless, and the widow;
But maketh crooked the path of the wicked!

JEHOVAH reigneth for ever!

Thy God, O Sion, to all generations!

Praise ye JEHOVAH !


3 in princes-See Ps. cxviii. 8, 9. -help-Heb. salvation.

4 to his earth-i. e. to the earth, out of which he was taken. See Gen. iii. 19.

6 therein-i. e. in the heavens, earth and sea.

9 raiseth up-i. e. enableth them to maintain their right.

maketh crooked &c.-i. e. God prevents the wicked from arriving at that point at which they were aiming; in other words, He defeats their designs. Compare Ps. xxiii. 3. Note




For it is good to hymn our God!

For it is delightful!

Praise is becoming!

2 JEHOVAH buildeth Jerusalem;

HE gathereth together the dispersed of Israel.

3 HE healeth the broken in heart,

And assuageth their griefs.

4 HE counteth the number of the stars;

HE giveth names to all of them.

5 Great is our Lord, and mighty in power;
His understanding is infinite!

6 JEHOVAH raiseth up the afflicted;

He bringeth low the wicked, even to the ground.

7 Sing unto JEHOVAH, with a song of praise,
Hymn unto our God, with the harp!

8 HE covereth the heavens with clouds,

He prepareth rain for the earth;

He causeth the grass to spring up, on the mountains.

9 HE giveth their food to the cattle,

And to the young ravens, which call upon Him.
10 He hath no pleasure in the strength of the horse,
He hath no delight in man's swiftness of foot.
11 JEHOVAH delighteth in those, who reverence Him—
Who wait in confidence for His loving-kindness.

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12 Laud JEHOVAH, O Jerusalem!

Praise thy God, O Sion!

13 For He strengtheneth the bars of thy gates;
HE blesseth thy children within thee.
14 He establisheth peace in thy borders,

HE filleth thee with the finest wheat.

15 HE sendeth His command upon the earth;
His word runneth very swiftly!

16 HE giveth snow, as wool;

HE scattereth the hoar-frost, as ashes.
17 HE casteth down His ice, in pieces!
Before His cold, who can stand?

18 HE sendeth His word, and melteth them;

HE causeth His wind to blow, and waters flow down!

19 He hath declared His commandments, unto Jacob-

His statutes, and judgments, unto Israel.

20 He hath not dealt thus with any other nation,
Yea, they have not known His judgments!
Praise ye JEHOVAH !

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3 Praise Him, sun and moon!

Praise Him, all ye stars of light!
4 Praise Him, ye highest heavens !

And ye waters, which are above the heavens !

5 Let them praise the Name of Jehovah,

For He gave command, and they were created!

6 HE causeth them to stand for ever;

He hath given laws, which they do not transgress!

7 Praise JEHOVAH, O ye upon earth!

Ye sea-monsters, and all deeps!

8 Ye lightnings and hail, ye snow and mist!

Thou, stormy wind, which executest His command!

9 Ye mountains, and all hills!

Ye trees bearing fruit, and all cedars!
10 Ye wild beasts, and all cattle!

Ye creeping things, and winged birds!
11 Ye kings of the earth, and all nations!
Ye princes, and all rulers of the earth!
12 Ye young men, and maidens!

Ye old men, and children!

13 Let them praise the Name of Jehovah,
For His Name alone is exalted-
His glory, above earth and heaven!

14 HE lifteth up the horn of His people,

He is the praise of all His pious worshippers-

Of the children of Israel—

Of the people, which is nigh unto Him!

Praise ye JEHOVAH !

3 stars of light-i. e. stars giving

4 highest heavens-Heb. heavens
of heavens.

4 waters-See Ps. xxix. 3. Note 2.
7 Oye &c.-Heb. out of the earth.

i. e. all things upon the earth.

s lightnings-Heb. fire.



Sing unto JEHOVAH a new song;

Sing His praise, in the assembly of the pious!

2 Let Israel rejoice in Him, who made him;

Let the children of Sion exult in their King!

3 Let them praise His Name, in the dance;

Let them sing psalms unto Him, with timbrel and harp!

4 For JEHOVAH delighteth in His people;

HE adorneth the afflicted with victory.

5 Let the pious exult, in their glory,
Let them sing aloud, upon their beds!
6 Let the praises of God be in their mouth,
And a two-edged sword, in their hand;
7 To execute vengeance upon the heathen—
Chastisement upon the nations!

8 To bind their kings with chains,

And their nobles with fetters of iron!

9 To execute upon them the written sentence !

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