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7 Bring me out of my prison,

That I may praise Thy Name.

The righteous will compass me about,
When Thou shalt deal kindly by me.


1 O JEHOVAH! hear my prayer; Hearken unto my supplication.

In Thy faithfulness answer me, even in Thy goodness! 2 And enter not into judgment with Thy servant, For no man living is righteous, before Thee!

3 Truly, mine enemy pursueth me,

He casteth me alive to the ground, and crusheth me; He maketh me dwell in darkness, as those long dead. 4 My spirit within me is faint;

My heart within me is stunned!

5 I call to mind the days of old, ·

I meditate upon all Thy doings;

I muse upon the work of Thy hands.

6 I spread forth my hands, toward Thee;

My soul thirsteth for Thee, as a weary land.

[blocks in formation]

Hide not Thy face from me,

For I am as those, who go down into the pit.
8 Let me early perceive Thy loving-kindness;
For in Thee do I place my confidence.
Show me the way, wherein I should walk;
For unto Thee do I lift up my soul.

9 Deliver me from mine enemies, O JEHOVAH !

I take shelter with Thee.

10 Teach me to do Thy will,

For Thou art my God.

Let Thy good Spirit lead me in the path of rectitude. 11 Revive me, O JEHOVAH! for Thy Name's sake;

In Thy goodness,

Bring me out of my distress.
12 And, in Thy loving-kindness,
Cause mine enemies to perish,
Yea, destroy all mine adversaries;
For I am Thy servant.


1 BLESSED be JEHOVAH, my rock!

He traineth my hands for the fight

My fingers for the battle!

2 My benefactor, and my fortress,

My tower, and my deliverer;

My shield, yea, He, with whom I take refuge!

HE subdueth the nations under me!

3 O JEHOVAH! what is man,

That Thou carest for him!

What the son of mortal man,

That Thou takest thought of him!

7 am See ver. 3. Note 2.

8 perceive-Heb. hear, be sensible

of. i. e. be satisfied, by clear and evident tokens, of.


2 benefactor-Heb. mercy.

3 what-i. e. how utterly insignificant! Compare Ps. viii. 4.


4 Man is like a breath!

His days are as a shadow, which is passing away!

5 O JEHOVAH! bow Thy heavens, and come down;
Touch the mountains, and they shall smoke!

6 Hurl Thy lightnings, and scatter them,
Send forth Thine arrows, and discomfit them.

7 Put forth Thy hand from on high;

Rescue me, and deliver me from mighty waters—
From the hand of the sons of the alien;

8 Whose mouth speaketh lies,

And whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood!

9 I will sing a new song unto Thee, O God!

With the ten-stringed lute, will I hymn unto Thee!

10 HE giveth victory unto kings—

He rescueth David, His servant, from the destroying sword.

11 Rescue me, and deliver me

From the hand of the sons of the alien;

Whose mouth speaketh lies,

And whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood!

12 O that our sons may be, as plants,

Well-grown in their youth!

That our daughters may be, as corner-pillars,
Skilfully carved to adorn a palace !—

4 breath-See Ps. xc. 9. Note 2.

- passing away-i. e. just at the instant of its disappearing entirely. Compare Ps. cii. 11. Note.

5 bow-Compare Ps. xviii. 9. Note 1. - smoke-See Ps. civ. 32. Note. 6 them-i. e. mine enemies.

7 sons of the alien-i. e. idolatrous people.

8 a right hand of falsehood-In the

act of swearing it was usual to lift up the hand towards heaven. Thus Abram said to the king of Sodom, "I have lift up my hand unto the Lord......that I will not take" &c. Gen. xiv. 22, 23. Compare also Exod. vi. 8. and Margin.

10 victory-Heb. salvation.

12 to adorn-Heb. (for) the building of.

13 That our granaries may be full,

And supply all kinds of provision!—

That our sheep may bring forth thousands,
Yea, tens of thousands in our fields!—

14 That our kine may be heavy with young!

That there be no violent-no premature bringing forth,
Nor any cry of distress in our streets!

15 Happy the people, who are in such a state!
Happy the people, whose God is JEHOVAH!


1 I WILL extol Thee, O my God and King!
Yea, I will bless Thy Name, for ever and ever.

2 Every day, will I bless Thee,

And praise Thy Name, for ever and ever.

3 Great is JEHOVAH, and highly to be praised, Yea, His greatness is unsearchable!

4 Through all generations, men shall praise Thy doings, And shall proclaim Thy mighty deeds.

5 I will tell of the glorious splendour of Thy majesty, And of Thy wonderful works.

6 Yea, they shall speak of the might of Thy fearful acts, And I will declare Thy greatness.

7 They shall pour forth memorials of Thy great goodness, And sing of Thy righteousness.

8 Gracious and merciful is JEHOVAH,

Slow to anger, and abundant in loving-kindness.

14 cry for want of food. "There is a crying for wine in the streets; all joy is darkened, the mirth of the land is gone. In the city is left desolation, and the gate is smitten with destruction." Isai. xxiv. 11, 12.


This is an alphabetical Psalm, constructed similarly to Psalms xxv. and xxxiv. Compare Ps. xxv. Introductory Note.

8 abundant-Heb. great.

9 JEHOVAH is good unto all;

Yea, His tender mercies are over all His works.

10 All Thy works praise Thee, O JEHOVAH! And Thy pious worshippers bless Thee.

11 They speak of the glory of Thy kingdom, And talk of Thy greatness.

12 They make known unto the sons of men His mighty acts, And the glorious splendour of His kingdom.

13 THY kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,

And Thy dominion endureth through all generations.

14 JEHOVAH Upholdeth all, who are falling,
And maketh erect all, who are bowed down.

15 The eyes of all wait upon Thee,

And Thou givest them their food in due season.

16 THOU openest Thy hand,

And satisfiest the desire of every living creature.

17 Righteous is JEHOVAH in all His ways, And merciful in all His doings.

18 JEHOVAH is nigh unto all, who call upon Him— Unto all, who call upon Him, in truth.

19 HE fulfilleth the desire of those, who reverence Him, Yea, He heareth their cry, and saveth them.

20 JEHOVAH preserveth all those, who love Him; But all the wicked, He destroyeth.

21 My mouth shall speak the praise of JEHOVAH ;

And let all flesh bless His holy Name, for ever and ever!

18 in truth "God is a spirit, and they that worship Him, must worship

Him in spirit and truth." John iv.


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