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been, I fuppofe, as generally difperfed. I owe it, therefore, to my profeffion, to myself, and to the country, to vindicate the one, and to express my Christian regard and acknowledgment to the other; having received a more than common civility from the inhabitants in general: to whom I wish, as to my own foul, the faving knowledge of the truth, as it is in Jefus that Chriftians indeed, and at heart, they may be, to the glory of God their Creator, and the eternal falvation of their fouls, through Jefus Chrift, the alone Redeemer; to whom with the Father, by the Holy Ghost, be all honour and glory, thanksgiv ing, and praise, world without end.


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§. I.



OT knowing how long it may please God to continue me amongst you, I am willing to embrace this opportunity of leaving you my advice and counsel, with refpect to your Christian and civil capacity and duty in this world: and I both beseech you and charge you, by the relation you have to me, and the affection I have always fhewn to you, and indeed received from you, that you lay up the fame in your hearts, as well as your heads, with a wife and religious


§. 2. I will begin with that which is the beginning of all true wisdom and happiness, the holy fear of God.

Children, Fear God: that is to fay, have an holy awe upon your minds to avoid that which is evil, and a strict care to embrace and do that which is good. The measure and standard of which knowledge and duty, is the light of Chrift in your consciences, by which, as in John iii. 20, 21, you may clearly fee if your deeds, aye, and your words and thoughts too, are wrought in God or not; for they are the deeds of the mind, and for which you must be judged: I fay, with this divine light of Chrift in your confciences, you may bring your thoughts, words, and works to judgment in yourfelves, and have a right, true, found, and unerring fense of your duty towards God and man. And as you come to obey this bleffed light in its holy convictions, it will lead you out of the world's dark and degenerate ways and works, and bring you unto Chrift's way and life, and to be of the number of his true felf-denying followers, to take up your crofs for his fake, that bore his for yours; and to become the children of the light, putting

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putting it on, as your holy armour; by which you may fee and refift the fiery darts of fatan's temptations, and overcome him in all his affaults.

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§. 3. I would a little explain this principle to you. It is called light, John i. 9. chap. iii. 19, 20, 21, and chap. viii. 12. Eph. v. 8, 13, 14. 1 Thef. v. 5. 1 Epiftle of John i. 5, 6, 7. Rev. xxi. 23. because it gives man a fight of his fin. And it is alfo called the quickening Spirit; for fo HE is called; and the Lord from heaven, as 1 Cor. xv. 45, 57, who is called, and calls himself, the light of the world, John viii. 12. And why is he called the Spirit? Because he gives man fpiritual life. And John xvi. 8, Chrift promised to send his fpirit to convince the world of their fins: wherefore that which convinces you and all people of their fins, is the Spirit of Chrift: this is highly prized, Rom. viii. as you may read in that great and fweet chapter, for the children of God are led by it. This reveals the things of God, that appertain to man's falvation and happinefs, as 1 Cor. ii. 10, 11, 12. It is the earnest God gives his people, 2 Cor. v. 5. It is the great end and benefit and bleffing of the coming of Christ, viz. The fhining forth of this light, and pouring forth of this fpirit. Yea, Chrift is not received by them, that resist his light and Spirit in their hearts; nor can they have the benefit of his birth, life, death, refurrection, interceffion, &c. who rebel against the light. "God "fent his Son to blefs us, in turning us from the evil "of our ways;" therefore have a care of evil, for that turns you away from God; and wherein you have done evil, do fo no more: but be ye turned, my dear children, from that evil, in thought, as well as in word or deed, or that will turn you from God, your Creator, and Chrift, whom he has given you for your Redeemer; who redeems and faves his people from their fins, Tit. ii. 14. not in their fins, read Acts ii. and Heb. viii. and the Chriftian difpenfation will appear to be that of the Spirit, which fin quenches, hardens the heart against, and bolts the door upon. This holy divine principle is called grace too, 1 Tim. ii. 11, 12, there


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