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That this practice lafted longer, I grant; but that it lafted of authority, I find not, but rather of weakness: figns generally have a refemblance of the things they fignify or reprefent: there feems none, in any other refpect, to me fo proper and fuitable, as of Chrift being the "Bread that came down from heaven," John vi. and as fuch he came to his difciples fome time after his afcenfion; for as yet they were, as before obferved, in feveral refpects weak, yea, carnal, and to be ftirred up and instructed in facred mysteries, by outward and fenfible things.

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Page 93. As to what this author fays, That the apostle Paul had a commiffion to adminifter this • facrament,' 1 Cor. xi. to 26. It is his mistake; for it was not a commiffion, but a tradition. He tells us what he received of the Lord's doings; but neither commands nor recommends it, only reproves indecency, and requires more refpect in performing, "as often as "they do it." But if that chapter be well read, the poor and mean condition of the people he writ to will be feen; to whom figns, well understood, might be of benefit. But that neither proves their continuance under the new covenant, nor their fervice to those that were come to discern well the Lord's body; what it is, and what it is made of; as chapter x. 15, 16, 17.

Page 94, 95. But our adverfary will have it, That Chrift's coming, is to judgment, at the end of all things; and until then, this facrament, as he calls it, is to continue:' telling me, That when Chrift said, he would not drink any more of the fruit of the vine, till he should drink it new, with them, in the kingdom of his Father, Chrift indeed means it of a fpiritual ⚫ wine; but that the kingdom of his Father was heaven; • and therefore the fign was to ceafe, till that kingdom began; which was not to be, till Chrift had de• livered up the kingdom unto God, even his Father, ⚫ at the end of the world.'

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Reply. But he has forgot, furely, that in the fame page he allows the kingdom of God was then among the


Jews, though not in them; and fo come before the end of the world. And if he would have called to mind the first sentence of John the Baptift's fermon, and the drift of the difciples ministry, that Chrift fent forth, he must have found that it was, "Repent, for the kingdom of "God, or of heaven, is at hand." as Mat. iii, 2. chap. x. 7. Then, not fo far off as the end of the world. Again, the apoftle declared, Heb. xii. 22, 23, 24. the true believers of his day were


come to

"Mount Zion, to God, the judge of all, and to the "fpirits of the juft made perfect;" and alfo, that they fat in heavenly places in Chrift Jefus," which must be an attainment above figns of invifible grace; being the life and fubftance of religion, and fo the period and confummation of types, fhadows, and such fort of figns or fignifications as are in queftion. They that perfonally enjoy their dearest friends will not repair to their pictures, (though drawn ever fo much to the life) to quicken their remembrance of them.

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Chrift did promise his, That he would come again, he would not leave them comfortless, and that he would drink of the cup or fruit of the vine after a new, or other manner with them, even "in the kingdom of "his Father." And in the Revelations, chap. iii. he makes an holy proclamation, as it were with an Oyez! Behold," fays he, "I ftand at the door and knock; "if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I "will come in to him, and SUP with him, and he with "me." This, we are not ashamed to fay, is our fupper, or the fupper of the rifen and glorified Jefus, which the people called Quakers do acknowledge, profefs and practise as the Lord's-fupper; the true gospel, new covenant fupper: the fupper of and in the kingdom of God; which is come up in thousands, bleffed be his name! and is coming more and more, among, and in the hearts of, the children of men. And though the feed of this kingdom be fown in all; yet the good ground alone knows it to grow to advantage. Those that obey the manifeftation of the light of the Lord Jefus in their fouls, the "feed of the kingdom,” are


the true and fenfible witneffes of it: the government of their hearts and affections being upon his fhoulders, according to that bleffed promife, Ifaiah ix. 5, 6, 7. And fuch can fay, "Thy kingdom is come, and thy will is "done in earth, as it is in heaven."

Even fo come, Lord Jefus ! more and more fet up thy kingdom in the fouls of the children of men; that the holy will of thy Father may be done in earth; that mercy and truth, righteoufnefs and peace, may embrace and kifs each other; fo fhall the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of the Lord, and of his Chrift; who is God over all bleffed for ever.


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