Polynesian Researches: During a Residence of Nearly Eight Years in the Society and Sandwich Islands, Volume 3

J.& J. Harper, 1833

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Page 20 - I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.
Page 218 - In these regions may be seen islands in every stage of their formation : " some presenting little more than a point or summit of a branching coralline pyramid, at a depth scarcely discernible through the transparent waters ; others spreading, like submarine gardens or shrubberies, beneath the surface ; or presenting here and there a little bank of broken coral and sand, over which the rolling wave occasionally breaks...
Page 74 - ... have, nevertheless, when the river has been deep, seated ourselves upon their shoulders, and in this position have passed the stream, without any other inconvenience than that which has arisen from the apprehension of losing our balance, and falling headlong into the water. — The inhabitants of Rurutu have a singular and less pleasant method of conveying their friends from a boat, &c. to the shore. On the arrival of strangers, every man endeavours to obtain one as a friend, and carry him off...
Page 8 - Saviour comes ! by ancient bards foretold ! Hear Him, ye deaf; and all ye blind, behold ! He from thick films shall purge the visual ray, And on the sightless eyeball pour the day: 'Tis he the obstructed paths of sound shall clear, And bid new music charm th' unfolding ear: The dumb shall sing, the lame his crutch forego, And leap exulting, like the bounding roe.
Page 50 - Do we then eat the body of Christ ? No ; but we eat the bread which means his body : and, as we eat bread that our bodies may not die, so our souls love Jesus Christ, and receive him for their Saviour, that they may not die.
Page 51 - What is a new heart ? It is one which loves God, and loves the word of God, and does not love sin, or sinful ways. Do you think you have obtained a new heart ? At one time I think I have, and then again I think I have not. I do not know, — I hope I have a new heart.
Page 100 - ... in eighteen articles. After reading and explaining the several articles, he asked the chiefs if they approved of them. They replied aloud, ' We agree to them ; we heartily agree to them.' The king then addressed the people, and desired them, if they approved of the laws, to signify the same by lifting up their right hands. This was unanimously done, with a remarkable rushing noise, owing to the thousands of arms being lifted at once.
Page 204 - Go your ways : behold, I send you forth as lambs in the midst of wolves.
Page 62 - The harp of heaven Had lack'd its least, but not its meanest string Had children not been taught to play upon it, And sing, from feelings all their own, what men Nor angels can conceive of creatures, born Under the curse, yet from the curse redeem'd, And placed at once beyond the power to fall...
Page 290 - Christianity teacheth people to beat their swords into plough-shares, and their spears into pruning-hooks, and to learn war no more...

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