Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology

Weiser Books, 1 nov. 1988 - 384 pages
Combining the symbolism of astrology with that of psychology, the authors show you how to understand depression, the quest for the sublime, the astrology and psychology of aggression, and alchemical symbolism for tracking life changes. Charts.Reading list.

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The Astrology and Psychology of Aggression
The Quest for the Sublime
Alchemical Symbolism in the Horoscope
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About the Centre for Psychological Astrology
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Page xi - When we see not thro' the eye, Which was born in a night, to perish in a night, When the Soul slept in beams of light. God appears, and God is Light, To those poor souls who dwell in Night; But does a Human Form display To those who dwell in realms of Day.

À propos de l'auteur (1988)

Liz Greene is the cofounder of the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London and a contributor to the most respected astrology site on the web, www.astro.com. She holds a doctorate in psychology and is a qualified Jungian analyst. She also holds a diploma in counseling from the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology in London and a diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies, of which she is a lifetime patron. She is the author of many books on astrological, psychological, and mythological themes, which have been translated into a number of languages, including Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, Astrology for Lovers, The Astrology of Fate, The Mythic Tarot (with Juliet Sharman-Burke), and The Astrological Neptune.

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