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KADESH-BARNEA: Its Importance and Probable Site, with the Story of a Hunt for it; including Studies of the Route of the Exodus, and of the Southern Boundary of the Holy Land. 1 vol., large 8vo. With maps and illustrations. $5.00.

FRIENDSHIP THE MASTER-PASSION; Or, The Nature and History of Friendship, and its Place as a Force in the World. 1 vol., large 8vo, in box. $3.00.

THE KNIGHTLY SOLDIER: A Biography of Major Henry Ward Camp. 1 vol., 8vo. New and revised edition. With illustrations. $1.50.

PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE: A series of brief essays. Six volumes. Square 16mo. Each volume complete in itself. $2.50 the set, 50 cents a volume.

1. Ourselves and Others.

2. Aspirations and Influences.

3. Seeing and Being.

4. Practical Paradoxes.

5. Character-Shaping and

6. Duty Knowing and

YALE LECTURES ON THE SUNDAY - SCHOOL: The Sundayschool; its Origin, Mission, Methods, and Auxiliaries. The Lyman Beecher Lectures before Yale Divinity School, for 1888.

8vo. $1.50.

I vol., small

A MODEL SUPERINTENDENT: A Sketch of the Life, Character,. and Methods of Work, of Henry P. Haven, of the International Lesson Committee. I vol., 12mo. With portrait. $1.00.

TEACHING AND TEACHERS; Or, the Sunday - school Teacher's Teaching Work, and the Other Work of the Sunday-school Teacher. 1 vol., 12mo. $1.00.

HINTS ON CHILD-TRAINING. 1 vol., small 12mo. $1.00.

JOHN D. WATTLES, Philadelphia, Pa.

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