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his gofpel, by this generation, be not pursued with wrath on the fucceeding one.

USE (2.) O exhortation. And here, 1. I shall drop a word to thefe who are yet in an unregenerate ftate. 2. To thofe that are brought out of it 3. To all indifferently.

I. To you that are yet in an unregenerate ftate, I would found the alarm, and warn you to fee to yourselves, while yet there is hope. O ye children of wrath, take no rest in this difmal flate; but flee to Jefus Chrift the only refuge. Haste and make your escape thither. The state of wrath is too hot a climate for you to live in, Micah ii. 10. Arife ye and depart for this is not your reft. O fianer knowest thou where thou art? Doft thou not fee thy danger? The curfe has entred into thy foul: wrath is thy covering; the heavens are growing blacker and blacker above thy head: the earth is weary of thee, the pit is opening her mouth for thee; and should the thread of thy life be cut this moment, thou art henceforth past all hopes for ever. Sirs, if we saw you putting a cup of poifen to your mouth; we should fly to you and fnatch it out of your hand. If we faw the house on fire about you, while ye are falt afleep in it; we would run to you, and drag you out of it. But alas! ye are in ten thousand times greater hazard; yet we can do more but tell you your danger; invite, exhort, befeech, and obtest you, to look to yourselves; and lament your ftupidity and obftinacy, when we cannot prevail with you to take warning. If there were no hope of your recovery, we should be filent, and would not torment you before this time: but tho' ye be loft and undone, there is hope in Ifrael concerning this thing. Wherefore, I cry unto you in the name of the Lord, in the words of the prophet, Zech. ix. 12. Turn ye to the ftrong hold, ye prifoners of hope. Flee to Jefus Chrift out of this natural ftate.

Motive 1. While ye are in this ftate, ye must stand or fall according to the law, or covenant of works. If ye underflood this aright, it would ftrike through your hearts, as a thousand darts One had better be a flave to the Turks, condemned to the galleys, or under Egyptian bondage, than be under the covenant of works now. All mankind were brought under it in Adam, as we heard before; and thou in thy unregenerate ftate, art fill where Adam left thee. It

is true, there is another covenant brought in: but that to thee, who art not brought into it? Thou mul be under one of the two covenants; either onder the under grace. That thou art not under grace, the do of fin over thee, manifeftly evinceth; therefore thou der the law, Rom. vi. 14. Do not think God has lai the first covenant, Mat. v. 17, 18. Gal. iii, 10. No, magnify the law, and make it honourable. It is bro deed on thy part: but it is abfurd to think, that th your obligation is diffolved. Nay, thou muft ftand a by it, till thou canst produce thy discharge from Go felf, who is thy party in that covenant; and this tho not pretend to, feeing thou art not in Chrift.

Now, to give you a view of your mifery, in this confider these following things, (1.) Hereby ye are over to death, in virtue of the threatning of death covenant, Gen. ii. 17. The condition being brok fall under the penalty. So it concludes you under (2.) There is no falvation for you under this covena on a condition impoffible to be performed by you. justice of God mult be fatisfied for the wrong you ha already. God hath written this truth in characters blood of his own Son Yea, and you must perfect the law for the time to come. So faith the law, 12. The man that doth them, fhall live in them. Con

finner, fee if thou can't make a ladder, whered mayst reach the throne of God; ftretch forth thin and try, if thou can't fly on the wings of the wind hold of the clouds, and pierce through thefe vifible h and then either climb over, or ireak through the walls of the city above. Thefe things fhalt thou foon as thou shalt reach heaven in thy natural ftate, der this covenant. (3.) There is no pardon under venant' Pardon is the benefit of another covenan which thou haft nothing to do, Acts xiii 9 And all that believe are justified from all things, from w could not be justified by the law of Mofes. As for th art in the hand of a merciless creditor, which will ta by the throat, faying, Pay what thou oweft; and c into prifon, there to remain, till thou baft paid th

time, who is able to answer for all thy debt, and get up thy difcharge, This Jefus Chrift alone can do. Thou abidest under this covenant, and pleadest mercy: but what is thy plea founded on! There is not one promife of mercy or pardon in that covenant. Doft thou plead mercy, for merc fake? Juftice will step in betwixt it and thee; and plead God's covenant threatning, which he cannot deny. (4.) There's no place for repentance in this covenant, fo as the fioner can be helped by it. For as foon as ever thou finnest the law lays its curse on thee, which is a dead weight thou canft by no means throw off; no, not tho' thine head were waters, and thine eyes a fountain of tears, to weep day and night for thy fin. That is what the law cannot do, in that it is weak through the flesh, Rom. viii. 3. Now thou art another profane Efau, that hath fold the bleffing; and there is no place for repentance tho' thou feekeft it carefully with tears, while under that covenant. (5.) There is no accepting of the will for the deed under this covenant, which was not made for good will, but good works. The mistake in this point ruins many. They are not in Chrift, but ftand under the first covenant; and yet they will plead this privilege. This is juft as if one having made a feast for those of his own family, when they fit down at table, another man's fervant that has run away from his master, should prefumtusufly come forward and fit down among them: would not the master of the fealt give such a stranger that check, Friend. how cameft thou thither? And fince he is none of his family, command him to be gone quickly. Though a master accept the good will of his own child for the deed, can a hired fervant expect that privilege? (6.) Ye have nothing to do with Christ, while under this covenant. By the law of God a woman cannot be married to two husbands at once: either death or divorce mult diffolve the first marriage, ere they can marry another. So we must first be dead to the law, ere we can be married to Chrift, Rom vii. 4. The law is the first husband; Jefus Christ who raiseth the dead, marries the widow, that was heart broken, and flain by the first husband. But while the foul is in the house with the first husband, it cannot plead a marriage relation to Chrift; nor the benefits of a marriage covenant, which is not yet entered into, Gal, v. 4. Chrift is become of no effect to



you, whosoever of you are juftified by the law, ye are from grace. Peace, pardon, and fuch like benefits benefits of the covenant of grace. And must not th ftand off from Chrift, and the marriage covenant with and yet plead these benefits; more than one man's w plead the benefit of a contract of marriage past betwix ther man and his own wife. Lastly, See the bill of ex paft in the court of heaven, against all under the co of works, Gal. iv. 30. The fon of the bond-woman sh be heir. Compare ver. 24. Heirs of wrath must not b of glory. Whom the first covenant hath power to out of heaven, the fecond covenant cannot bring into

Objection. Then it is impoffible for us to be faved fwer, It is fo, while you are in that ftate. But if ye be out of that dreadful condition haften out of tha If a murderer be under fentence of death; fo long lives within the kingdom, the laws will reach his li if he can make his efcape, and get over the fea, in dominions of another prince; our laws cannot rea there. This is what we would have you to do: flee the kingdom of darkness, into the kingdom of God Son; out of the dominion of the law, into the domi grace; then all the curfes of the law, or covenant of fhall never be able to reach you.

Moive. 2. O ye children of wrath, your state is ed, for ye have loft God; and that is an unspeakab Ye are without God in the world, Eph. ii. 12. WI you may call yours, you cannot call God yours. If w to the earth, perhaps you can tell us, that land, tha or that herd of cattle, is yours. But let us look upw heaven, is that God, that grace, that glory yours? you have neither part nor lot in that matter. When chadnezzar talks of cities and kingdoms, O how big fpeak! Great Babylon that I have built,—my pow. majefty but he tells a poor tale when he comes t of God, faying, your God, Dan. ii. 47 and iv 30 finner whatever thou haft, God is gone from thee. mifery of a godlefs foul! haft thou loft God? Then ( fap and fubftance of all that thou haft in the world i go godless man, have what he will, is one that hath n no

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fatisfaction, whatever he poffeffeth; fince God is not his God All his days he eateth in darkness: in every condition, there is a fecret difatisfaction haunts his heart like a ghoft the foul wants fomething, tho' perhaps it knoweth not what it is: and fo it will be always, till the foul return to God, the fountain of fatisfaction. (2.) Thou canst do nothing to purpofe for thyself; for God is gone, bis foul is departed from thee, Jer. vi. 8. like a leg out of joint banging by, whereof a man hath no use, as the word there used doth bear. Lofing God, thou haft loft the fountain of good; and fo, all grace, all goodness, all the faving influences of his Spirit. What can't thou do then? What fruit can't thou bring forth, more than a branch cut off from the ftock? John xv. 5. Thou art become unprofitable, Rom. iii. 12. as a filthy rotten thing fit only for the dunghill. (3.) Death has come up into thy widows, yea, and has fettled on thy face; for God in whofe favour is life, Pfal. xxx. 5. is gone from thee, and fo the foul of thy foul is departed. What a loth fome lump is the body when the foul is gone? Far more lothfome is thy foul in this cafe. Thou art dead while thou livest. Do not deny it feeing thy fpeech is laid, thine eyes closed, and all fpiritual motion in thee ceaseth. Thy true friends who fee thy cafe, do lament, because thou art gone into the land of filence. (4.) Thou haft not a steady friend among all the creatures of God; for now that thou haft loft the Mafter's favour, all the family is fet against thee. Confcience is thine enemy: the word never fpeaks good of thee: God's people lothe thee, fo far as they fee what thou art, Pfal. xv.22. The beafts and ftones of the field are banded together against thee, Job v. 23. Hof. ii. 18. Thy meat, drink, clothes, grudge to be serviceable to the wretch that has loft God, and abuseth them to his difhonour. The earth groaneth under thee; yea, the whole creationgroaneth, and travaileth in pain together, because of thee, and fuch as thou art, Rem. xxi. 22. Heaven will have nothing to do with thee; for there shall in no wife enter into it any thing that defileth, Rev. xxi. 22. Only hell from beneath is moved for thee, to meet thee at thy coming, Ifa. xiv. 9. Laftly, Thy hell is begun already. What makes hell, but exclufion from the prefence of God? Depart from me ye curfed. Now ye are gone from God already with the curfe upon you. That shall be your punishment


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