Raising Good Children

James Clarke & Co., 2004 - 144 pages
Raising Good Children explores the pressures and difficulties of bringing up children in the twenty first century, from babies and toddlers through to problematic teenagers. This is a guide which suggests ways in which the young can be given direction through love and security to help them embrace their responsibilities and become useful members of society. The author draws upon a life-time of working with children to identify behavioural problems and then answers them by using scripture and Christian teachings. She argues that the self-centred attitudes of many youngsters today emanate from a lack of meaning in their lives, which can be provided by following the guidelines given by Jesus and by adhering to the laws of God. She quotes many examples to show how following these guidelines helps to solve the problems of antisocial behaviour so often associated with the young together with the difficulties connected with adolescent behaviour. The aim is to instil good qualities in children, to help them to have a meaningful relationship with their Father-Mother God and to become respectful and thoughtful adults. The author argues that many of the problems with young people are the fault of society. She suggests that the seductive presentation of legal drugs adversely influences those who are young and vulnerable. It is this, she maintains, which has led to the widespread problems with illegal drug abuse and its associated crimes. Although addressed mainly to parents, Raising Good Children has much to offer to teachers and to all who are involved with the education of children.

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Functional Families
What Would Jesus
The Antidotes to the AntiSocial
The Ten Rules of Happiness
Dealing with Drugs and
Sex Is it Love or Lust?
The Butter and Honey Diet
Our Childrens Heritage
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