What's Good about this News?: Preaching from the Gospels and Galatians

Westminster John Knox Press, 1 janv. 2003 - 136 pages

In this study of the Gospels and the book of Galatians, David Bartlett explores how to reconcile the biblical text's message to our contemporary context and a particular congregation's character and need. While, as he shows, important continuities exist in the way the good news is understood throughout the New Testament, precisely what it looks like and how Christians respond to it differs between Mark, Paul, John, and the rest of the writers. Consequently, he demonstrates, preachers have options as they try to discern what news a congregation needs to hear on a particular Sunday. Including sample sermons,What's Good about This News?shows how each of these biblical texts remains a redemptive word for today's people.

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What Counts Galatians 516
The Beginning of the Gospel Mark 1114
The Wise and the Foolish Matthew 25113
Who Is This Fellow? Luke 15110
Sermon for Good Friday John 19
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David L. Bartlett is the Lantz Professor of Preaching and Dean of Academic Affairs, Yale University Divinity School.

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