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" An even more detailed account of this visit was later given by Maretu, a local authority on the early history of the island, who informed Dr Wyatt Gill that Goodenough, who called at Rarotonga during the year 1814, was not its discoverer, since before... "
Rarotonga Records: Being Extracts from the Papers of the Late Rev. W. Wyatt Gill - Page 39
de William Wyatt Gill - 1916 - 125 pages
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The Journal of the Polynesian Society, Volumes 17 à 20

1908 - 1084 pages
...Captain Bligh, RN, in a boat near the Tonsrs Group, the " Bounty " laid to off Rarotonga, and McOoy was therefore its first European discoverer. But naturally...some goods from the white people, amongst them the A nae, at ;* they purchased these things with fowls, coconuts, and bananas. As they left, a man named...
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