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be taught the principles of the oracles of God, (Heb. 5. 11, 12, 13, 14.) think not to get knowledge without hard ftudy, and patient learning, by hearing nothing but what you know already, or can understand by one hafty reading over; left you discover a conjunction of flothfulness with an ignorant and unhumbled mind: Or at least, if you must learn at fo cheap a rate, or elfe ftick ftill in your Milk and your Beginnings, be not offended if others outgo you, and think knowledge worthy of much greater diligence, and if leaving the principles we go on towards perfection, as long as we take them along with us, and make them the life of all that followeth, while we feem to leave them: And this we will do, if God permit, Heb. 6. 1,3.

Feb. 3. 1669.

R. B.


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The Contents of the first Part.


WHat Hat Faith is, page 2. The Text opened, p. 4. The grounds of the certainty of Faith briefly intimated,p.5,&c. Why God will have we live by Faith, and not by fight, p. 12, &c. ule 1. To inform us what a Christian or Believer is; described,

P. 15

Ufe 2. The Reason why Believers are more ferious in matters of Religion, than unbelievers are.

Ule 3. Of Examination,

The mifery of unbelievers,

Marks of a true Faith,

P. 29

P. 30

ufe 4. Exhortation to the ferious exercife of Faith,

P. 32.



How thofe will live who thus believe; opened in certain Que

P. 38

P. 48


Some afiting fuppofitions,

Matives to live by a foreseeing Faith on things not seen,

The Conclufion; 1. Exborting to live by Faith: 2. And to pro

mote this life in others,

The Additions.

P. 46.

Cap. 1. The conviction and reproof of Hypocrites, Who live Contrary to the Faith which they profeß,

Cap. 2. 4 general Exbortationto live as Believers,



Cap, 3. An exhortation to the particular duties of Believers. 63

The Contents of the Second Part.

Chap. 1. The Believers Dire@ery muft from him, 1. How To Arengthen Faith a. How to use


And I. For the first, the order of the prefuppofed Natural Verities, is briefly mentioned,

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Chap. 2. The true Method of enquiry into the fupernatural evidences of Faith, and the Rules therein to be observed, 87 Chap. 3. The proper Evidence of Faith. The SPIRIT and the Image of God himself,


Chap. 4. The Image of Gods Wisdom on the Chriftian Religim : It's wonderful Method opened, in thirty inftances. Six more inftances,


Chap. 5. The Image of Gods Goodneß and Holiness on the Chriftian Religion: in thirty inftances, Chap. 6. The Image of Gods Pewer upon the Christian Religion; intwenty inftances,


Chap. 7. The means of making known all this to us infallibly. How the first witnesses knew it. How the next Age and Churches knew it. How we know it. Twenty fpecial biftorical Tradi. tions of Chriftianty, and matters of fact. What the Spirits Witness to Christianity is,


Chap.8. Twelve further Directions to confirm our Faith, 136 Chap. 9. Twenty General Directions how to uf Faith, or to live by it, when it is confirmed. What Chriftian Faith is: Errours about it,

The Contents of the third Part.

Chap. 1. How to live by Faith on God,

Chap. 2. How to live by Faith on Jefus Christ,




Abufes of the Doctrine of Redemption. The extent of it. Of Chrifts Office: His Merits and Sacrifices Example, &c.

Chap. 3. How to live by Faith on the Holy Ghoft. Of the Trinity. Several doubts refolved about believing in the Holy Gboft. Of giving the Spirit: Hie operations: Whether Love to God, or Faith in Chrift ge firft, exuilly answered. (And, consequently wberber Faith or Repentance be first.) Of the Spirit in Chrift and the Apostles: Of fuficient Grase. How Faith procuresh the Spirit. Whether defires of graco bo grase, (2001) Chap. 4. How to live by faith as to Gods Comentands. The admis



rable goodness of Gods Laws. Whether the Promife and Reward be the end of Obedience, or. Obedience the end of the Promife and Reward. Of Scripture examples, Chap. 5. How to live by faith on Gods Promifes. What will of God it is, according to which they must ask who will receive. Of a condiparticular faith in prayer. Is the fame degree of grace tionally promised to all? Directions for understanding the Promifes. The true nature of faith or truft in Gods Promifes, opened at large. Affiance is in the understanding, will and vital power. Whether Faith be Obedience, or how related to it. Ten als of the understanding effential to the Chriftian Faith in the Promifes. Several als of the will effential to Faith. And in the vital power, whether all true Faith have a fubjective certainty of the truth of the Word. Choice, and venturing or fɔrfaking all, is the fign of real truft. Promises collected for the help of Faith, 1. Of Pardon, 2. Of Salvation, 3. Of Reconciliation and Adoption, 4. Of pardon of new fins after conversion. 5.Of San&ification: 6. Promifes to them that defire and seek. 7. To Prayer. 8. To groans that want expreffion. 9. Promifes of all that we want, and that is good for us. 10. To the ufe of Gods Word and Sacraments. 11. To the bumble, meek and lowly. 12. To the peaceable. 13. To the diligent. 14. To the patient. 15. To Obedience. 16. To the Love of God. 17. To them that love the godly, and are merciful in good works. 18. To the poor, 19. To the oppressed. 20. To the perfecuted. 21. In dangers. 22. Against temptations. 23. To them that overcome and perfevere. 24. In fickness, and at death. 25. Of Refurrection, final Fuftification and Glory, 26. For children of the godly. 27. To the Church,



Chap. 6. How to exercife faith on Gods Threatnings and Judgements. How far belief of the threatnings is good, necessary, and a faving faith. How favingfaith is a perfonal application. How to perceive true faith, Chap. 7. How to live by faith for Pardon and Juftification. In how many respects and waies Christ justifieth us. Of the imputation of Cbrifts Righteousness. Twelve reasons to help our belief of pardon. How far fin should make us doubt of our Juftifi



Chap. 8. 58 Dangerous Errours detected, which binder the



work of faith about our Juftification; and the contrary truths


Chap. 9. How to live by faith in the exercife of other graces and

duties: And 1. Of the doctrinal Direllions. What Sandifi-

cation is. How God loveth the unfantified. How be loveth us in

Chrift. Of Preaching meer Morality,

Chap. 10. The practical Directions, to promote Love to God and


Chap. 11. Of the order and harmony of graces and duties, which

must be taken all together. Of the parts that make up the new

Creature. I. The intelectual order; or a method, or scheme of

the beads of Divinity. 2. The order of Intention and Affection.

3. The order of practice. Of the various degrees of means to

mans ultimate end. Of the grace necessary to concur with thefe

various means, The circular motion by divine communication to

our Receiving Graces, and fo by our Returning Graces, unto

God again. The frame of the prefent means of grace, and of

our returning duties. Rules about the order of Chriftian pra-

alice (which fhew that, and bow the beft is to be preferred, and

which is beft) in fifty three Propofitions. How mans Laws bind

Confcience (and many other cafes) refolved. A lamentation for,

the great want of order, and method, and barmony in the un-

derstandings, wills and lives of Chriftians. Many inftances of

mens partiality as to truths, graces, duties, fins,&c. Twenty Rea-

fons why few Chriftians are compleat and entire, but lame and

partial in their Religion. Ten Confectaries. Whether all graces

be equal in babit. Religion not fo perfell in us as in the Seri-

ptures, which therefore are the Rule to us, &c,

Chap. 12. How to use faith against particular fins,

Chap. 13. What fins the best are most in danger of, and should most

carefully avoid. And wherein the infirmities of the upright dif-

fer from mortal fins.

Chap. 14. How to live by faith in profperity. The way by which

faith doth fave us from the world. General Directions against

the danger of profperity. Twenty marks of worldlinefs. The

pretences of worldly minds. The greatness of the fin. The ill ef-

Chap. 15. How to be poor in fpirit. And 1.How to escape the Pride

of profperous men. The cleaks of Pride. The figns of Pride and


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