The Destruction of Atlantis: Compelling Evidence of the Sudden Fall of the Legendary Civilization

Bear, 2002 - 264 pages
The most comprehensive reconstruction of the history and fate of the legendary ancient civilization of Atlantis.

• Draws together compelling evidence from geology, astronomy, myths, and ancient texts to prove the existence of Atlantean civilization and its catastrophic end.

• Includes a vivid narrative that re-creates the last days of Atlantis.

• Represents 20 years worth of research across the globe.

All human cultures, from classical and biblical to native North and South American, share the myth of an ancient deluge, often coinciding with a rain of fire from the heavens. What accounts for this shared myth of environmental catastrophe? Now, in The Destruction of Atlantis, author Frank Joseph links this worldwide cultural phenomenon to the story of the lost civilization of Atlantis, which in a single day and night disappeared into the sea in a violent cataclysm.

In the most comprehensive account of this legendary island, Joseph provides compelling evidence that Atlantis was at the root of all subsequent human civilizations. Brilliantly refuting years of modern skepticism, Joseph combines evidence from archaeology, geology, astronomy, and ancient lore to locate Atlantis in the context of Near Eastern Bronze Age society at the end of the 13th century B.C. The author seamlessly combines hard scientific evidence with a stunning imaginative re-creation of what it must have been like to walk the streets of Atlantis in its last days. The resulting portrait of a mighty empire corrupted by an overreaching lust for wealth and power offers an important lesson to our own materialistic civilization poised on the brink of ecological disaster.

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À propos de l'auteur (2002)

The Destruction of Atlantis
Compelling Evidence of the Sudden Fall of the Legendary Civilization

Introduction: Atlantis Madness
I: "In a Single Day and Night": A Recreation
II: Where Is Atlantis?
III: The Queen of Legends
IV: The Fire from Heaven
V: How Was Atlantis Destroyed?
VI: When Was Atlantis Destroyed?
VII: Life in Atlantis
VIII: The Discovery of Atlantis
IX: The Atlantis Story Told in One Sitting
Epilogue: The Atlanteans Ourselves

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