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means of grace. And they may as well expect grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles, as any fruit in that legal way of duty and obligation, to the moral law. The doctrines of the gospel must be explained, understood, and applied to the heart by the powerful Spirit of God, before any fruit can be brought forth to his glory; and the sinner must be created anew in Christ Jesus, and be a vessel formed for the Lord, before he can shew forth his praise: and this new creation consists in being renewed in knowledge; it is a new creation in Christ, a creation after his image, in righteousness and true holiness. He, therefore, who has a savoury, experimental knowledge, of God, has the righteousness of faith on him, and the Holy Ghost in him, and he is a new creature; "and as many as walk according to this rule," that is, who walk in the light of the knowledge of God, in the faith of his righteousness, and in the Spirit, they walk in newness of life, "mercy on them, and peace, and upon the Israel of God." Truth and holiness are to be found in such souls, and in no other. This last quotation, Sir, is a morsel of tolerably wellworded Antinomianism.

It is lamentable to observe how much the "progress of the gospel is obstructed by those 'who profess the greatest zeal for the advance'ment and spread of it. We confess, brethren, ' we cannot witness without a kind of secret hor'ror the shocking manner in which the gospel is mutilated, tortured, and disfigured, by the Soci

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*nians on the one hand, and debased and put to open shame by the Antinomians on the other.

May God help you in the Spirit of Christ to bear your steady testimony against both.'

It is lamentable, Sir, to see such men as the Socinians labouring so hard against the only Rock of salvation; and exerting all their parts, abilities, learning, time, and talents, to lay a foundation for their hope in the dust: for, if the Saviour be not the self-existent, independent, and eternal Jehovah, he cannot redeem his brethren, nor pay a ransom to God for them. Vain is the salvation of man: no man can quicken his own soul. Trust not in man, saith the Lord; nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. He who denies the divinity of Christ, and yet calls him a Saviour, and puts his trust in him, is cursed of God for making flesh his arm; and he who trusts in absolute, unincarnate Deity, flies to a consuming fire, and makes his bed in hell. The new and living Way is consecrated through the veil of his flesh, and it is only within that veil that hope can find an anchorage. Denying the Saviour to be God, is charging the family of heaven and earth with idolatry; and God with being the author of it, who has expressly commanded the angels of heaven, and the daughters of Zion, to worship his first-begotten. And, if he be not God to all intents and purposes, all are cursed by the eternal law who have obeyed the divine mandate, in falling down and worshipping him. But though the

Socinian's neck cannot submit to the sceptre of Christ's grace, yet the time shall come when every knee shall bow to the iron rod of his justice: all that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him, and his enemies shall lick the dust; those generations of vipers shall share in the Serpent's doom.

But, is it not more strange, Sir, that we hear of Socinians and Arians bearing the title of Doctors of Divinity? If Christ be not God, it could not be the Spirit of him in Noah, and in all the prophets and apostles, that penned the Bible; and, if he be not God, the Scriptures cannot testify of him, nor can his word be spirit and life. If the author be no more than a creature, the doctrine can only be natural. If the author be not divine, the doctrine cannot be divinity. Then what becomes of D. D. Doctor of Divinity? It falls to the ground, and makes room for N. N. Natural Novice, or Novice of Nature. However, they fulfil the Scriptures as well as others. Some are of old ordained to this condemnation; some shall stumble and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken. The wise are to be caught in their own craftiness; false prophets must come; and strong delusions are to be sent, and credited, that all may be damned who oppose the truth, and take pleasure in unrighteousness. The prescience of God is the seal of the sure foundation; the elect shall never be finally deceived, nor can they ever be lost. It is lamentable to see such blasphemous heresies published; yet the lamentation,

mourning, and wo, is the heritage appointed to such heretics; it is to be the portion of their own cup.

But, as to their torturing and disfiguring the gospel, the gospel still remains what it ever was. The crafty systems that are distilled from their brains is no more like the law of faith than the Alcoran is like the book of life. The everlasting Gospel will remain in the hand of the Spirit, and in the heart of the elect, to be the power of God to salvation, to the end of time; and will shine like the sun, without any adulteration or disfiguration, when Arians and Socinians are gone to their place; having filled up their measure, and brought on themselves the swift destruction denounced against all who deny the Lord that bought them.


What you have said, Sir, against the Socinian, is just but it is not enough to insist upon an acknowledgment of the mystery of God; and of the Father, and of Christ," Col. ii. 2; but upon the experience and enjoyment of "the love of God, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost." This must be known and felt by every soul that enters the kingdom of God. Destitute of this, sinners are without God, without Christ, and without hope in the world: they are earthly, sensual, and devilish; having not the Spirit; knowing nothing but what they know naturally; and it is at the

peril of their souls to take God's covenant in their mouth.

To dispute them out of all their profession, their religion, their assumption of the ministerial office, and out of all claim upon God, Christ, and the word, by calling for their experience, mission, and commission from God, is a more effectual way than following them through the regions of darkness, where Satan appears in the front, his ar, mour-bearer in the centre, and the witness of truth in the rear: whereas the soldier of Christ should stand fast by the standard, and call for ą reason of his hope, and the experience that wrought it; and palm him upon the kingdom of Satan if he be destitute of it.

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The Gospel is mutilated, tortured, and dis'figured, by the Socinians on the one hand, and ' debased and put to open shame by the Antinomians on the other, May God help you in the Spirit of Christ, to bear your steady testimony against both!'

I do not know what sort of Antimonians you have got in that part of the country; but, if they debase the gospel, and put it, or Christ, to an open shame, they do despite to the Spirit of grace, are certainly entangled in the great transgression, and must be nigh unto cursing. But some who are called Antinomians in London are quite of another cast they are charged with exalting Christ at the expence of Moses; instead of exalting him

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