A Promise in the Storm: Grieving and Dying with Hope

Saint Mary's Press, 1997 - 206 pages
To a teenager, death can feel like the storm to end all storms. But death and grief are integral parts of human life, and A Promise in the Storm helps teenagers experience those emotions through the lens of Christian faith.

A Promise in the Storm is designed as a full- or half-semester course for eleventh and twelfth graders. But it is not a traditional textbook--it is a story that takes place in a fictional high school and follows the progress of several young people as they come to grips with their experiences of loss.

The academic and theological content of this course is integrated into the story. Because of its unique approach to the topic, A Promise in the Storm offers unusual and exciting possibilities for teaching, learning, and growing in faith. Along with providing doctrinal content on Catholic teaching about suffering, death, and eternal life, A Promise in the Storm also examines the spirituality of death and suffering.

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The World of Saint Monicas High
Denying Deaths Reality
Seeing Life in the Face of Death
A Roman Catholic Funeral
Beyond the Horizon
What Is Death?
Tragedy at Saint Monicas
Blessed Are Those Who Mourn
They Shall Be Comforted
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