Queen Móo and the Egyptian Sphinx

The Author, 1896 - 277 pages

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Page 146 - Chuen. The country of the hills of mud, the land of Mu was sacrificed: being twice upheaved it suddenly disappeared during the night, the basin being continually shaken by volcanic forces. Being confined, these caused the land to sink and to rise several times and in various places. At last the surface gave way and ten countries were torn asunder and scattered. Unable to stand the force of the convulsions, they sank with their 64,000,000 of inhabitants 8060 years before the writing of this book.
Page 5 - In the vicinity of Thebes there are sacred serpents, not at all troublesome to men ; they are very small, but have two horns on the top of their head. When they die they are buried in the Temple of Jupiter, to whom they are said to belong.
Page 71 - There was only immobility and silence in the darkness, in the night. Only the Creator, the Maker, Tepeu, Gucumatz, the Forefathers, were in the water surrounded with light. They were hidden under green and blue feathers, and were therefore called Gucumatz.
Page 11 - It is now, as it was formerly, observed at or near the beginning of November by the Peruvians, the Hindoos, the Pacific islanders, the people of the Tonga Islands, the Australians, the ancient Persians, the ancient Egyptians, and the northern nations of Europe, and continued for three days among the Japanese, the Hindoos, the Australians, the ancient Romans, and the ancient Egyptians.
Page 11 - This startling fact at once drew my attention to the question, How was this uniformity in the time of observance preserved, not only in far distant quarters of the globe, but also through that vast lapse of time since the Peruvian and the Indo-European first inherited this primeval festival from a common source?
Page 255 - But since this tradition is not published alone for him who perceives the magnificence of the word; it is requisite, therefore, to hide in a Mystery the wisdom spoken, which the Son of God taught.
Page 251 - And Hilkiah the high priest said unto Shaphan the scribe, I have found the book of the law in the house of the Lord.
Page xi - West had been interrupted because of cataclysms destroying the intervening country, and — the mud that had made the sea impassable since the destruction of Atlantis by earthquakes and submersion." It is here shown beyond controversy that the Lands of the West were to the west of America, because America was the "intervening lands...
Page 98 - ... branch at his birth, and this branch or tendril reached the ground when he was to be made king. Taneua, a bamboo used on the occasion, was said to draw its roots out of the ground at the approach of the ceremony, and to leap into the hand of the person who was sent for it. The inauguration ceremony, answering to coronation among other nations, consisted in girding the king with the maro ura, or sacred girdle of red feathers; which not only raised him to the highest earthly station, but identified...
Page 7 - The young luminary, the priests said, did not forget those that had been extinguished, and from whom he was descended; and Amon paid them this mark of respect to warn the devout not to forget those who were passed away, and to whom they owed their existence. "Bring offerings," says a pious text, "to thy father and thy mother who rest in the valley of the tombs; for he who gives these offerings is as acceptable to the Gods as if they were brought to themselves. Often visit thy dead, so that what thou...

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