The Edinburgh Review, Volumes 21 à 50

A. and C. Black, 1832

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Page 228 - Law of Libel. In which is contained a General History of this Law in the Ancient Codes, and of its Introduction and Successive Alterations in the Law of England.
Page 165 - Spanish cortes for the recognition of the independence of South America. Translated from the French of the Abbe de Pradt.
Page 386 - Daya , or the Moon of Intellect : an allegorical Drama. And Atma Bod'h; or the Knowledge of Spirit.
Page 399 - D'ASSISES. Art. 47. — La poursuite des crimes et délits commis par la voie de la presse ou par tout autre moyen de publication...
Page 227 - Thoughts on the Criminal Prisons of this Country, occasioned by the Bill now in the House of Commons, for Consolidating and Amending the Laws relating to Prisons...
Page 142 - East and West India Sugar; or a Refutation of the Claims of the West India Colonists to a Protecting Duty on East India Sugar (London, 1823), 37.
Page 128 - Elements of agricultural chemistry, in a course of lectures for the Board of agriculture.
Page 261 - An account of experiments for determining the length of the pendulum vibrating seconds in the latitude of London.
Page 368 - The Bible, not the Bible Society ; being an attempt to point out that mode of disseminating the Scriptures which would most effectually conduce to the security of the Established Church and the peace of the United Kingdom ; by the Hev.
Page 346 - Exposition of some of the Transactions that have taken place at St. Helena since the appointment of Sir Hudson Lowe as Governor.

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