Cast Your Net: A Step-by-step Guide to Finding Your Soulmate on the Internet

Harvard Common Press, 2001 - 276 pages
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Tens of millions of singles are hooked up to the Internet in search of true love, and Internet matchmaking services provide social connections undreamed of just a few years ago. But how do you make the most of such opportunities to find a lasting, loving relationship? This book will show you how to throw your line out into the ocean of online possibilities to catch the person who is right for you -- your soul mate. The book demonstrates how you can use your home computer to safely and successfully navigate an online search and connect with that elusive mate. With Eric Fagan's help you will learn to determine what you want and need in a soul mate; find the best Web matchmaking sites and use them properly; write a profile that will attract potential partners; ask the right questions to uncover telltale flags; maintain privacy and ensure safety; decide how, when, and where to make contact with or meet potential partners; bail out gracefully anywhere along the line; and more.

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Table des matières

Chapter One Laying the Foundation
Online Starting Points
Chapter Three Creating Your Cyber Self
Chapter Four Gathering Your Tools for the Hunt
Chapter Five Contact
Exploring Your
The Advanced Course
Chapter Eight Stepping into the Real World
Chapter Nine LongDistance Connections
Chapter Ten When the Trolley Goes Off the Track
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