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Sabbapäpassa akaranam, kusalassa upasam.

pada, sa chitta pariyodapanam :-
Etam Buddhānasāsanam.-Dhammapada, 183.

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What is the Dhamma? It is to flee from. the evil and

do the good, to be loving, true, patient and pure

in life.-Asoka's Edicts.




AUG 14 1975

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Le Bouddhisme dan

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people, it would never have found its way into that empire'; if Shintoism had not its worshippers in Japan, it would never have risen in the land of the "Rising Sun;" lastly, if Christ had not appeared nor Mahomed, there would have been no Buddhism in the countries where those religious teachers are revered! For all these, religions, one may boldly say, are nothing but so many conductors through which the "White Light" of Buddha is passing into the whole universe.-REV.SHOYEN SHAKUJAbbot of Kamakura.

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