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Those with ** prefixed are new woodcuts; with new woodcuts copied from lithographs of
the previous work.

** Frontispiece.

Mode of transporting a large colossus from the quarries. The statue is bound
upon a sledge with ropes; on the knee stands a man beating time with his
hands, and giving out a verse of a song; another stands on the base, and
pours a green liquid, evidently grease, from a vase, before the sledge. In
the upper line are companies of soldiers carrying green twigs; then four
rows of men, forty-three in each, dragging the statue with ropes; and in
the lowest line are others bearing implements, and vases of grease, or other
liquids, followed by "superintendents," or task-masters; and behind the
statue are other "superintendents,” and perhaps reliefs of men.

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