How to Stay Cool, Calm & Collected when the Pressure's on: A Stress Control Plan for Businesspeople

American Management Association, 1992 - 198 pages
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"Pressures, problems, and conflicts are a fact of life. But the manager who can face problems head-on and deal with them calmly is way ahead of the game.

How to Stay Cool, Calm & Collected When the Pressure's On offers a systematic approach to dealing with a world that often seems a chaotic confluence of tough decisions, difficult situations, and combative people. Written by a stress expert with a Ph.D. in organizational psychology, this antidote to stress and strain lays out a unique and powerful approach to making wise choices and taking actions that will put readers in control of any situation.

Once the author's ""Command and Control"" techniques are learned, they can be used again and again in all areas of life. Readers will learn how to:

* destroy counterproductive, stress-producing habits

* adopt new, effective habits

* become mentally tough, emotionally in control

* communicate in a positive way

How to Stay Cool Calm & Collected When the Pressure's On provides checklists, quotes from stress conquerors, and an outline for a personal effectiveness plan. By carefully adhering to the book's principles, anyone can erase the ravages of stress and move on to a more productive, I-can-handle-any-problem attitude. Without the energy-wasting effort of worrying, readers can concentrate on the important things: achieving success and enjoying their lives"


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Table des matières

Why You Need a Lifelong Plan for Handling Problems and Stress
Your Current Approach Whats Missing?
How Is Stress Affecting Your Success Health and Happiness?
What Is Your Current Approach? Whats Missing?
The Key to Being In Control
Your Very Own Command and Control Center
Who Do You Want to Run Your Life?
The Life You Want and Your Guiding Values
Choose to Calm Your Mind Be Centered and Think Clearly Under Pressure
Choose to Be Physically Tough and Full of Energy
Choose to Be Mentally Tough Emotionally in Control and Action Oriented
Choose to Communicate in a Positive Productive LowStress Manner
Choose to Be Spiritually Strong Resilient and Joyful Every Day
Fun Choices for Balancing and Enjoying lour Life
Taking Action
Your Complete Personal Effectiveness Plan

Choices That Will Definitely Help You Create the Life You Want in a Cool Calm and Collected Manner
Choose to Approach Problems in a Cool Calm Collected Manner
Choose to Rest Relax and Rejuvenate Your Body
Making Your Personal Effectiveness Skills Lifelong Habits
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JOHN NEWMAN, Ph.D., is an expert in stress management and personal, managerial, and organizational effectiveness. His workshops are popular among executives at Johnson & Johnson, State Farm Insurance, DuPont, and Merrill Lynch.

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